Tony Scott is a senior lawyer based in Thompsons Solicitors' Newcastle office.  Tony has experience of dealing with all different types of personal injury compensation claims and has a particular interest in dealing with claims involving accidents at work and industrial diseases.

Tony has successfully dealt with personal injury claims for workers from a wide range of different professions including NHS staff, construction workers, rail workers and those employed in heavy manufacturing sectors.

Through his years of experience, Tony has gained a sound knowledge of the workplace regulations.  He always strives to ensure that his clients receive the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to in the shortest possible time.

Successful Personal Injury Claims

Below, you will find just a small selection of some of the personal injury compensation claims Tony has dealt with in the Newcastle office.

Manual Handling Injury Claim

Tony's client in this case was a nurse who was injured in an accident at work.  She had received no training of how to deal with patients in distress and no risk assessment had been carried out to assess the needs of the patient she was treating.

The client was treating a patient in bed when the patient who was distressed and hallucinating flipped over into the centre of the bed and pulled the nurse with them, injuring her.

The nurse's injuries meant that she would always be at a disadvantage in the labour market so it was important that the compensation she was awarded reflected this.  Tony made a personal injury claim on her behalf and recovered £40,000 compensation.

Vibration White Finger Compensation

In this case Tony's client was a man who had used vibrating tools such as stihl saws, whacker plates and road breakers for most of his working life.  He had worked for several different employers and none of them had warned him of the dangers posed by excessive use of vibrating tools.

The client was never provided with protective gloves to wear, was never put on job rotation and his work was never risk assessed.  He developed Vibration White Finger and was left with constant pins and needles in his hand made worse by cold weather and the inability to ever work with vibrating tools again.

Tony made a personal injury compensation claim for this client and recovered £23,000 for him.

Injured at Work

Tony's client in this case was a lady who suffered a knee injury at work after a drawer opened unexpectedly and hit her knee.  Management had received numerous complaints before her accident about faulty catches on those particular drawers but no action had been taken.

The client's employers refused to accept responsibility for the accident and Tony had to issue court proceedings.  He was successful and recovered £5,000 personal injury compensation for her.