Richard is a senior industrial disease solicitor based in Thompsons’ Stoke-on-Trent office.

He has many years of experience dealing with all different types of industrial diseases particularly higher value claims, including respiratory conditions like occupational asthma, silicosis and dermatitis. He also has experience in dealing with multi-claimant actions.

He is renowned for pursuing claims vigorously and recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible for his clients.

He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton where he teaches Civil Litigation and Personal Injury on the Legal Practice Course.

Successful Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Below, you will find just a small selection of the industrial disease claims that Richard has dealt with from Thompsons Solicitors’ Stoke-on-Trent office

Hearing loss claims from section bending machines

Twenty workers at a company that specialised in bending various forms of metal were exposed to excessive levels of noise from section bending machines, hammering and abrasive wheel cutters. As a result, they suffered hearing loss and tinnitus, but the employer refused to admit liability.

After obtaining compelling evidence from an engineer who specialised in acoustics and noise exposure, Richard issued court proceedings. Shortly before the case was due to go to trial, he successfully negotiated a settlement of £160,000 for the men.

Group action for water company engineers

A group of engineers who were responsible for maintaining a sludge treatment plant were exposed to high levels of hydrogen sulphide. As a result, they suffered a variety of symptoms including headaches, nausea, irritable eyes and in some cases, a permanent loss of sense and taste.

The employer initially defended the claim, so Richard issued court proceedings. After obtaining overwhelming medical evidence, the company conceded breach of duty and settled the claims.

Respiratory problems from ceramics

Richard's client, who worked for a company manufacturing toilets and basins, was exposed during his working life to silica sand which is used in the manufacture of ceramics. Following his retirement, he started to suffer from breathing problems, weight loss and fatigue. Following tests, he was diagnosed with silicosis.

Richard obtained medical evidence to show this had been caused by his work. His employers defended the claim, arguing that he had been sufficiently protected. Richard obtained evidence to support his client’s claims from an occupational hygienist and the employer settled shortly before the case was due to be heard in court.

Professional Membership

Richard is a senior litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.