Monique is a Serious Injury solicitor based in Thompsons’ Nottingham office with clients mainly based in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. Most of Monique’s clients have had very serious, often life-changing, injuries including brain injuries, amputations and multiple orthopaedic injuries.

Monique takes a personal interest in each of her clients with an immediate focus on the need for rehabilitation to assist in recovery and improvement of symptoms and to secure interim payments to facilitate private medical treatment and to ease her client’s financial worries. Monique is dedicated to investigating every element of the claim to ensure her clients are fully compensated for their injuries and their losses.


These are some examples of the serious injury claims Monique has dealt with whilst at the Thompsons office in Nottingham:

Career-ending shoulder injury for a young man: A man in his early 30’s sustained a serious shoulder injury whilst lifting heavy concrete blocks at work. Sadly this shoulder injury developed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which meant this man lost most of the function in his dominant arm. He subsequently developed severe depression because of this dramatic change in his life. A spinal stimulator was fitted to his spine in the hope that it would reduce his constant pain, but this had mixed results.

The insurance company for his employers took a long time before they made any adequate settlement offers and Monique prepared the case to proceed to a 4-day trial. Shortly before the trial the claim settled for just under £950,000.00. Monique’s client can now use his compensation payment to pay for the care he will need in the future as well as compensating him for his future loss of earnings, loss of pension and other future medical expenses.

A nurse injured while driving home from work: A 60 year old nurse suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries when she was driving home from work in Lincolnshire and an overtaking car from the other direction forced Monique’s client to leave the road to avoid a head-on collision.

She suffered catastrophic orthopaedic injuries including multiple fractures to both arms and legs as well as several rib fractures. She needed extensive rehabilitation treatment and several interim payments to help her financially as she was unable to return to work.

She had to give up her cherished career as a nurse because of her injuries and the ongoing effects. She received £300,000.00 by way of compensation.

Teaching Assistant assaulted by a pupil: A Teaching Assistant was assaulted by a pupil at school and suffered a fracture to her wrist which unfortunately developed into a pain condition causing extreme sensitivity and persistent pain in her arm. She was 37 years old at the time of the accident and has been told she will not be able to work again in that career.

She requires daily assistance from her husband with activities around the home including getting dressed.

Her case was settled for the sum of £475,000.00.


At the conclusion of their claim one of Monique’s clients commented “we could not have had a better solicitor, for not only did she deal with our case in a most professional manner, she also treated us as people.”

Another client commented “I have been very pleased and impressed with her handling of my claim through a very upsetting and stressful two years. Monique has kept me informed of any developments throughout using different means of communication. A very patient, caring and efficient lady.”