Patients of a Cardiff-based dentist have been contacted amid concerns that equipment was unsafely re-used at the Splott Road dental surgery where he practised.

Mark Roberts, who worked at Splott Road Dental Surgery from 1989 to February 2015, was dismissed following claims he re-used the cartridges of local anaesthetic syringes and root canal surgery files. Both items should be disposed of after use for hygiene reasons. Letters have been sent to 3,245 patients who were registered with Mr Roberts.

Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board and Public Health Wales have set up a dedicated advice line for concerned patients, but have said that the risk of transfer of blood-borne viruses, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, is very low and does not recommend screening for all patients.

Mr Roberts admitted that there were ‘occasional lapses’ in his practice which he deeply regrets.

Cathryn Davies, a senior clinical negligence solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Cardiff office, said “While the risk of infection is deemed to be very low, Mr Roberts has already admitted failings in his clinical practices so his patients will undoubtedly be worried about treatment they have received.

“Anyone with concerns should call the Public Health Wales advice line to establish whether any further tests are necessary as a result of their treatment or individual circumstances.

“The law requires that for any medical negligence claim against Mr Roberts the patient needs to have suffered an injury so it would only be if a patient tests positive for an infection following a blood test that they may want a lawyer. Should that happen we have a team of expert lawyers able to advise them if there is any legal remedy they can pursue.”

Concerned patients can contact the Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board and Public Health Wales advice line on: 0800 952 0055.