As specialists in serious injury claims, we are regularly contacted by victims of serious injury who are concerned about the way in which their claim is being handled, despite having raised those concerns with their current solicitor.

You may have experienced:

• Average or poor quality work,
• Phone calls, letters or emails not replied to,
• Inexplicable delays or periods when nothing is happening,
• Advice that you don’t understand or are dissatisfied with.

After a serious injury, you want to have absolute confidence in your legal team. That comes from the knowledge that your lawyers are:

• Treating you as an individual,
• Proactive people, making things happen,
• The most experienced in the business,
• Specialists in claims for the type of injury you have suffered,
• Involving the best medical and other experts in your claim,
• Claiming the maximum possible compensation for you,
• Ensuring that you get the best advice about how to use your compensation.

At Thompsons Solicitors we have teams of Serious Injury lawyers around the country who are experts in dealing with brain injury, spinal injury, amputation and other serious injury cases.

We are always happy to meet you and discuss the various options under no obligation.
Transferring your case to Thompsons Solicitors is a simple matter. We will take care of all the arrangements for you and you do not need to explain anything to your current solicitor.

Example of Serious Injury Case we have Taken Over from other Solicitors

Below you will find just one example of a case we have taken over from another solicitor. This claim involved serious, life-changing injuries and the client came to Thompsons after she was unhappy with the service she received from another firm:

Severe Whiplash from Car Accident

Our client in this case was a lady who was hit in the rear at speed whilst her vehicle was stationary at traffic lights.  She suffered a severe whiplash injury which caused her chronic neck pain and a feeling of nausea which are both likely to stay with her for the rest of her life.

She had to retire from a job she loved on the grounds of ill health and she cannot sit or stand for long periods of time. The nausea can on occasions be so bad that she cannot leave the house.

She had originally instructed another firm of solicitors to deal with her claim but was not satisfied with the service she received.  She transferred her case to Thompsons and was much happier with the help she received after that.  She received £309,500 in compensation.