Those who attended ‘The Way Ahead 2017’ for brain injury survivors have thanked Thompsons Solicitors for sponsoring the annual conference.

The three-day event took place from 30 June to 2 July at Yarnfield Park, in Staffordshire, and was organised by the brain injury association, Headway. Brain injury survivors, and those affected by brain injury, were encouraged to take part in entertainment, talks and workshops, and were afforded the opportunity of discussing their experiences with one another.

Visitors to the event have since sent letters to Thompsons Solicitors thanking the personal injury firm for its sponsorship, which covered the cost of their attendance, as well as praising the “great ideas and inspiration” the event provided.

Thompsons Solicitors actively campaigns alongside Headway to raise awareness of brain injury, in order to reduce the number of people who suffer potentially life-changing injuries as a result of accidents on the road, at work, through medical negligence and elsewhere. According to the charity, someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury every 90 seconds.

Samantha Hemsley, national head of the serious injury and clinical negligence team at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Headway offers a remarkable number of services both to people who have suffered brain injury, but also their family members, helping them access support and rehabilitation in the aftermath of such serious injury. Sponsoring the event was just one way for us to show our support for that work. Our brain injury lawyers provide additional support for victims of injury in navigating the legal process.

“We are pleased that those who attended the conference enjoyed it and felt they had learned something new from it. We hope that similar events can continue to raise awareness for the trauma these injuries can cause.”

Attendees of the conference wrote to Thompsons Solicitors with the following:

“Many thanks for your sponsorship of Headway’s ‘The Way Ahead’ conference, and especially for the bursary that enabled me to attend my first conference in my 10 years of Headway membership. The event was full of great ideas and inspiration – I learned a great deal and made friends and connections in Headway and across the brain injury community.”

John Doogan


“Just to say, a very big thank you for funding my bursary to attend my first Headway conference. I had a wonderful time attending the event and meeting new people, who all share similar TBI’s [traumatic brain injuries]. It was very helpful, not only to myself, but will be useful [when] developing our newly formed branch in Harrogate.”

Catherine Lamb


“It was really good for me to step back from my role at the early intervention end, as well as try to develop our support for people affected by brain injury in our west London catchment. The TWA conference was informative, and has given me ideas to use in our support groups, as well as larger issues, such as how negative impacts can be helped by the use of the brain injury identity card. I am particularly interested in the Justice Project as it develops, since I have already witnessed the deterioration of individuals and the strain this puts on families I am working with. So thanks again for giving me this opportunity to participate in The Way Ahead 2017.”

Penny Cooke