When you die, your Personal Representative (also called your Executor if you have a Will or your Administrator if you do not have a Will) will be entrusted with the following:

  • Identifying your assets and liabilities;
  • Dealing with any Inheritance Tax arising as a result of your death;
  • Obtaining a Grant of Representation (known as a Grant of Probate if you have a Will and a Grant of Letters of Administration if you do not have a Will) which will then allow your Personal Representative to deal with your assets;
  • Collecting your assets, settling all debts and liabilities, selling your property;
  • Distributing your estate in accordance with your Will or the Rules of Intestacy.


A simple Probate matter can take between 9 and 12 months to deal with. More complex Estates will take longer depending on the type of assets you own and their value. Administration of an Estate can also take longer if there is a property to sell.

Our subsidiary BBH Legal Services offers a tailored service with Estate Administration. The service can range from simply obtaining the Grant of Representation on your behalf to administering the entire Estate.

To find out more about our Estate Administration services, visit BBH Legal or call 0800 051 4218.

Thompsons' Estate Administration service is provided by BBH Legal Services Limited, a subsidiary law firm wholly owned by Thompsons.