City breaks are great for quickly getting a feel for how other people live. However, your short trip can quickly become a long hassle if you are injured.

While accidents on holiday are unexpected and rare, there are a few things you can do to prevent the chances of one happening. Whether you’re planning a long weekend away in the UK or booking a trip to Europe, our top tips aim to help you stay safe on your city break and prevent injury.



Take a look at our top tips for staying safe on a city break:

Watch out for pickpockets

With pickpocketing rife around the world, avoid falling victim to thieves by making sure your belongings are safe and only keeping a limited amount of cash on you.

Be vigilant

Limit the risk of personal injury on your city break by staying alert in overcrowded areas and when using public transport. Keep bags done up and if you’re going to stop and look at a map or your phone, do so somewhere safe. Also, take extra care when crossing roads and driving in unfamiliar cities as the rules of the road may be different to back home, including the direction of traffic.

Avoid unsafe areas at night

Some areas of the city may be less safe than others at night and are best avoided, particularly if they are not well-lit. Talk to the people where you are staying about which areas and streets are considered as unsafe at night and plan your trip around that advice.

Plan ahead

When you’re planning a city break, think about how you’re going to stay safe. Make yourself aware of the city’s laws and health and safety guidelines to avoid unintentionally breaking the law or getting hurt.

If you have had an accident on a city break and your injuries were caused by someone else, then you may be entitled to claim for compensation. Contact Thompsons Solicitors for more information.


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We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about making a claim for city break compensation. Take a look at them below:

1. What should I do after an accident on a city break?

You should seek medical attention immediately. Call the police as soon as the accident happens and make sure you get a copy of their report. It’s worth making a note of what happened and taking photographs of the scene if safe to do so. Remember to collect names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident - this will support your claim when you’re back in the UK.

2. How do I make a claim for an injury on a city break?

A specialist lawyer will be able to help you make a claim for an injury on a city break if someone else was responsible. Get in touch with our personal injury solicitors who can review your case and provide free legal advice on whether you have a valid claim.

3. What type of injuries are covered in a city break claim?

From slips, trips and falls, to faulty equipment in the hotel and accidents on the road, accidents can happen. Possible injuries, including laceration or broken bones, sprains, scalds, food poisoning and even loss of life.

4. Who can I make a claim against if I’m injured in an accident on a city break?

You’re entitled to make a claim against the person, people or organisation responsible for your injury. For example, if your accident happened in the hotel you stayed at and was caused by the staff’s negligence, then you could make a claim against them.

5. If I’m injured in a foreign city, can I make a claim when I’m back in the UK?

If you’ve been involved in an accident on a city break within the last three years and it was someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to make a claim when you’re back in the UK. It’s best to contact our independent expert lawyers as soon as possible to find out if you can claim.

6. What cities am I eligible to make a claim in?

Any claims made within the EU can (currently) proceed in UK courts. Contact Thompsons for more information on whether you can make a claim for an accident on your city break.

7. When will I get compensation for my accident?

There is no set time period for settling a compensation claim, however, Thompsons prides itself on securing compensation as quickly as possible and has specialist teams who work on just this type of claim.

9. Why trust Thompsons with your claim?

Thompsons has decades of experience securing compensation for holiday accident claims. Our expert solicitors are able to offer invaluable advice on how to proceed with your claim and get you the best outcome possible.

If you’ve had an accident on your city break but you’re not sure how to proceed with your claim, contact our specialist team on 0800 0 224 224 or fill in our online claim form for further no obligation advice. For more information on staying safe on your travels, visit our #TravelSafe campaign.