Father-of-two, Matthew Tollitt, has dedicated more than three decades of his career to Thompsons Solicitors, first in Newcastle before moving to Liverpool in 1991. A keen cyclist and runner, he has taken part in several long-distance runs – once completing the London Marathon to help raise money for the Spinal Injury Association.

What is your specialism and why?

“Having trained in personal injury claims, I quickly realised that what really motivated me was to support people who have suffered serious, life-changing injuries, with a focus on traumatic brain injuries.

“By doing this I am able to make a real change to the lives of brain injury survivors and their families. The challenges they face are often unthinkable and it’s my role to ensure they don’t only receive compensation but also have access to a variety of support services and medical specialists as they continue their rehabilitative journey. Their own grit and determination in the face of adversity spurs me on to fight even harder on their behalf, every day.”

What types of cases are you currently working on?

“I’m working with a variety of clients who have suffered life-changing injuries because of road collisions, workplace accidents and more. One of my clients has been left with a severe brain injury because of a hit-and-run, while another has suffered significant injuries to all four of his limbs after a car knocked him off his motorbike. One client has been left with substantial spinal injuries because of an accident at work.

Matthew Tollitt

“While they are all very different cases, they are all equally devastating to those involved, and their families, and further reminders of why road safety and health and safety in the workplace is so important.”

What has been the most challenging case for you at Thompsons and why?

“I once supported the claim of an NHS warehouse worker, who suffered life-changing injuries when the stacker truck he was operating went out of control. The employer disputed blame and fought the case all the way to a trial on liability, which we won.

“The defendant continued to fight tooth and nail, with almost unlimited resources, to try to limit the amount of compensation my client received. We pushed back and eventually agreed on a package that was just. I felt a great responsibility holding his employers to account and ensuring my client received a fair recompense for the traumatic injuries that he had suffered.”

What do you think is different about Thompsons in comparison to other law firms?

“Thompsons Solicitors has always maintained a stubborn insistence that securing a fair result for clients is far more important than maximising its own profits. This was what made Thompsons appeal to me when I joined 33 years ago – and the firm’s mantra remains the same today.”