Motorcyclists continue to be among the most vulnerable road users in the UK, despite making up just one per cent of Britain’s road traffic. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorbike accident and would like to make a motorbike injury compensation claim, our friendly and professional lawyers can help.

Thompsons Solicitors’ road accident lawyers help motorcyclists who have been injured in road accidents to secure hundreds of thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation. Thompsons Solicitors is committed to making sure bikers get a fair deal if they’re hurt on the roads – helping you to access financial support that gets you back on your feet and back on the bike after a spill, or high levels of compensation to support you and your family if your injuries are more severe and you need extra help.

Unlike other UK law firms, it is important to Thompsons Solicitors that we only act for one side in all personal injury claims - that’s why we will always represent injured people. We never have, and never will, act on behalf of insurance companies. 

If you or a family member have been injured in a motorbike crash or accident, contact our road traffic accident lawyers for information on how you can make a motorbike accident claim, by calling 0800 0 224 224. Alternatively, you can request a callback or fill in our quick Start a Claim form, and our legal experts will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.


1. Can I make a motorbike injury compensation claim?

If you or a relative have been injured in a motorbike accident on the roads within the last three years, and the accident was caused by another road user, then you should consider making a motorbike injury claim for compensation.

2. Which injuries do I have to sustain to make a motorbike accident compensation claim?

Motorbike injuries can vary considerably depending on the scale of the accident and can be both physical and psychological. There is no set list of injuries covered by motorcycle compensation claims. From a firefighter who lost his leg after being knocked off his bike by another road user, to a young motorcyclist who suffered a major head injury after being hit by an uninsured driver, Thompsons Solicitors’ road traffic accident experts, located across the UK, have helped thousands of bikers to secure compensation for their injuries. We have also supported the family members of riders killed by the irresponsible actions of other road users.

If you are unsure as to whether you can make a motorbike crash accident claim, speak to our friendly team for free advice on 0800 0224 224.

3. How much will it cost me to make a motorbike accident compensation claim? 

We do not believe your financial circumstances should dictate whether you can claim for an injury suffered. If you are a trade union member, or if you have a trade union member in your family, Thompsons Solicitors’ legal advice and representation will be free, whatever the outcome.

If you’re not a trade union member, we have different funding choices available, which we can talk you through. They include what is often referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’ option – more details of which can be found on our fees and payment page. We believe in being completely transparent about our fees and charges, and will be honest about the likelihood of your case succeeding, calculating how much motorbike injury compensation you are likely to receive.

4. How do you calculate how much a motorbike injury compensation claim will be worth?

The amount of personal injury compensation you could be entitled to following a motorbike injury depends on the extent of your injuries and the financial, physical and emotional impact they have had on you and your family. Thompsons Solicitors’ road accident experts can give you an idea of what you could be entitled to after reviewing the details of your case. We use our decades of experience as well as industry best-practice guidelines to calculate how much each personal injury claim will be worth. Thompsons Solicitors will make sure you are given a realistic estimate of how much road accident compensation you are likely to receive, and will fight hard to make sure you are not short-changed.

5. If I make a motorbike injury claim, how long will it take to get my compensation?

Straightforward personal injury claims can be settled within months, but every motorcycle injury claim is different and some take longer than others. Where the claim is likely to be contested, or involves serious injuries, your lawyer will often make applications for an interim payment to make sure your financial needs are covered in the meantime. At Thompsons Solicitors, be assured that we will always aim to settle your personal injury claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

6. As a motorcyclist, what can I do to try to avoid an accident?

As many motorcycle accidents take place on T-junctions, be alert and anticipate other road users’ moves. Wear bright clothing, or use dipped headlights, to help ensure you’re seen. Overtaking is another common contributor to motorcycle accidents, so make sure you know what’s coming up ahead and avoid overtaking on or near bends or junctions. Finally, bad weather can exacerbate road risks, so take extra care in rain, ice and fog, and stick to sensible and legal speeds. You can reduce the extent of your injuries by wearing good quality motorbike clothes.