Evan has experience assisting qualified lawyers with various clinical negligence cases as part of Thompsons’ national clinical negligence team. These cases range from surgical errors and delayed cancer diagnoses to failures of GPs to refer for further investigations.

As a compassionate listener, Evan also acts as one of the first points of contact for clients referred to the London clinical negligence team, and he remains their point of contact and a familiar voice should it be required throughout a case.

Evan also provides dedicated support to senior lawyers within the team.

Evan’s main motivation is ensuring that clients are listened to and fairly compensated for injuries suffered through negligent medical treatment. He takes pride in building relationships with clients, providing them guidance and support throughout the litigation process.

Evan enjoys reading, visiting art galleries and listening to music outside of work.


Case Experience

Evan recently assisted in a successful claim for a client injured due to a 10-year delay in diagnosing and resecting a large left frontal meningioma in his brain. As a result, the client underwent a number of avoidable surgeries, which were considerably more complex due to the delay in diagnosis. After the Defendant insurers initially refused to negotiate a settlement, Evan was part of the team who reached a successful settlement on behalf of the client.

Evan also recently assisted in a successful claim for a client injured due to a two-and-a-half-year delay in diagnosing a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. As a result of the delay, the client suffered an extended period of pain and discomfort in his knee and an increased chance of developing osteoarthritis in the future. After an initial settlement offer from the Defendant’s insurers was below appropriate value, Evan was part of the team who were able to negotiate with the Defendant to achieve a higher and fairer settlement on behalf of the client.