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Thompsons Solicitors is the UK's most experienced personal injury and employment rights law firm; our commitment to social justice is at the heart of our practice.

A real sense of justice has been the making of Thompsons Solicitors, and it could also be the making of you.

We’re the most experienced trade union and personal injury law firm. We have teams of specialists focused on personal injury and employment law, based in our 19 offices across the UK.

We’re a different kind of law firm because we only work for injured or mistreated people and never for employers or insurance firms. You will also see the difference in Thompsons Solicitors as an employer.

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To find out more about Thompsons Solicitors and to view our current vacancies, visit our careers site.

We’re pioneers in our field, acting as a key driver behind historic decisions, and we encourage our people to share our principles and strive to continue developing professionally during their employment at Thompsons.

We challenge our employees as professionals and provide them with the opportunity to make a personal difference and work on high-profile cases that make history.

We believe in being fair with our employees and their wellbeing is at the centre of our priorities. In our offices, the emphasis is very much on team working. Our culture encourages collaboration, openness and honesty. We empower our people across Thompsons to take the decisions they need to keep our business moving forward, ultimately helping those who have suffered an injury or injustice.

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