Court of Protection and Deputyship

Our Court of Protection and Deputyship service provides support and advice throughout the complex process of applying for Deputyship.

A Deputy may be required when an individual suffers loss of mental capacity and can no longer make decisions relating to their property and financial affairs, or their health and welfare.

Thompsons has significant professional experience of working with clients that have lost mental capacity, for example as a result of a brain injury, and has helped those clients and their families consider the options open to them.

Our Court of Protection Deputyship team is made up of specialist solicitors who work to provide families with a seamless service, offering reassurance that the most important decisions about their loved one’s financial affairs are being properly taken care of.

We offer direct and immediate help to families who may be struggling with a number of complex issues – such as property, finances, health and welfare – at a very demanding time, allowing them to focus on the care and rehabilitation of their injured loved one.

Thompsons’ Court of Deputyship service is provided by BBH Legal, a subsidiary law firm wholly owned by Thompsons.

To learn more about the peace of mind that having an experienced and compassionate team to look after your loved one’s legal affairs post-injury can give, visit the BBH Legal site.