Crush Injury Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered a crush injury due to someone else’s negligence, our experienced accident at work solicitors will work with you to secure compensation and legal redress.

Thompsons played a key role in establishing the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act and has decades of experience bringing negligent employers to account.


Our dedicated teams support clients who have suffered a crush injury – from minor injuries involving crushed fingers and feet, through to those of the utmost severity ending in amputation, long-term disability, paralysis or fatality.

Whether the crush injury occurred due to falling objects, becoming caught in machinery or infrastructure, or was the result of a road traffic accident, Thompsons has the expertise to secure the maximum amount of financial compensation and ensure health and safety lessons are learned. Contact our specialists today to begin your crush injury claim.

“After Thompsons secured an interim payment for me I was able to order three new prosthetics, including one suitable for water therapy.” Ian, our crush injury client


1. What is a crush injury?

A crush injury occurs when a part of the body, for example, a finger, leg or even the torso, is crushed by an external force. Crush injuries occur in road traffic accidents or in the workplace, perhaps due to an employer failing to follow health and safety regulations, faulty equipment or even due to the fault of a colleague.

2. I’ve suffered a crush injury at work – can I make a crush injury claim with Thompsons Solicitors?

Yes. Our accident at work experts have helped thousands of people to secure compensation after suffering a crush injury at work. Call 0800 0 224 224 today, fill in our claim form or request a callback to begin the crush injury claim process.

3. Why should I choose Thompsons Solicitors to make a crush injury claim over another law firm?

Thompsons Solicitors is the UK’s most experienced personal injury law firm. We have run cases that led to the development of law and can use our decades of experience to help you, with expert legal advice, to get the maximum compensation for you and your family. High street law firms and claims companies that advertise on television cannot rival our personal injury experience.

Thompsons Solicitors played a key role in the creation of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and has campaigned for improved health and safety measures to protect workers and reduce the number of accidents at work since 1921. As a matter of principle, Thompsons refuses to work for insurers - we only work for injured people.

4. How much compensation will I get from a crush injury claim?

There isn’t a guaranteed set amount of compensation you can secure in a crush injury claim. Generally, the more severe your crush injury and the bigger the impact it has on your life, the higher the amount of compensation you can expect to receive. Our accident at work lawyers will be able to give a better indication of compensation amounts after reviewing the details of your case.

5. How long will it take to make a crush injury claim?

Each type of personal injury claim is different and the time it takes varies depending on the details of each case. If your crush injury claim is relatively straightforward, you can expect it to conclude within months. However, if the facts are complicated or the crush injury particularly severe, it can take years to sort out liability and ensure that we know exactly what the future holds for you medically. Our experts will always aim to secure the maximum amount of compensation for you in the shortest possible time, keeping you informed and up-to-date with any developments throughout the process of your crush injury claim.

If you have questions about making a crush injury compensation claim, our lawyers are just a phone call away – get in touch today for free no obligation advice.

6. How do I fund a crush injury claim for compensation?

There are a number of ways you can fund a personal injury claim, but our experts often recommend clients pursue a crush injury claim through a conditional fee agreement, otherwise known as ‘no win, no fee’. This means that, should your claim be unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay for any legal fees. If your crush injury claim is successful, there will be a small ‘success fee’ – no more than 25 per cent of the total compensation – to cover legal costs.

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Whether you’ve suffered a crush injury to your foot, finger or another part of your body, our experts can investigate whether you could make a crush injury claim. Call 0800 0 224 224 to speak with our specialists today. Alternatively, you can request for one of our experts to give you a call at a time suitable to you or you can complete our online claim form.