National charity RoadPeace has been campaigning since 1992 to challenge the perception that road deaths are ‘accidents’, as opposed to avoidable collisions, and to support those who suffer a bereavement due to a road traffic collision.

RoadPeace members include people with direct experience of losing a loved one, or being injured in a road crash, alongside individuals and organisations – like Thompsons – who are passionate about reducing the danger on our roads.

The organisation combines active campaigning and lobbying to reduce road danger, with on-the-ground peer support for road crash victims and bereaved families, through a network of regional groups.

Legal Panel

In May 2017, having worked with RoadPeace in the North East to support families of crash victims for several years, Thompsons formally joined the organisation’s national legal panel. This decision reaffirms our commitment to defend the rights of innocent, injured road users and support the families of those who have lost their lives.

Road crashes not only kill or seriously injure, but also leave people in psychological distress and financial hardship. Those bereaved or seriously injured often face the additional trauma of a police investigation, an inquest and sometimes a court case.

RoadPeace’s legal panel, comprising specialist personal injury law firms like Thompsons, aims to ensure people feel supported through that process by professionals committed to holding those who cause crashes through unlawful behaviour to account, and securing fair compensation.

Our work

Thompsons was proud to work with John and Janet, parents of Jake, who was tragically killed in a road traffic collision. Click to read more about Jake’s story

Emotional support is available via a national helpline (0845 4500 355) and a national befriending network.

For more information, visit the RoadPeace website or the RoadPeace North East website.


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