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Birth Injury Claims

If you or your child suffered an injury during birth, our medical negligence solicitors can help you secure compensation.

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Birth Injury Compensation Claims

As a mother, you trust medical staff to care for you and your baby while you give birth.

But when the care you receive falls below the acceptable standard, the consequences can be devastating. Injuries sustained at birth can be life-changing for you and your child.

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to negligent care, Thompsons Solicitors can help. Our specialist birth injury solicitors can help you secure the compensation you need to support your family and care for your child.


Why choose Thompsons?

We understand the devastating effect injuries sustained at birth can have on the whole family, especially if the injury was caused as a result of medical negligence.

You can trust our expert team to secure the best possible outcome in your case – in fact, The Times has named us as one of the UK’s best medical negligence solicitors for four years in a row.

But we aren’t just focused on the end compensation – wherever we can, we will seek interim payments to support you while your claim is ongoing. We also work closely with support groups, charities and medical experts, so we can refer you to the specialist services you need.

If you or your baby have been injured during birth as a result of a mistake made by a medical professional, get in touch on 0800 0 224 224 to discuss making a birth injury compensation claim.

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Our Birth Injury Solicitors

If your child has suffered a birth injury, we're here to support you. Call our specialist lawyers for free, no obligation legal advice.

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Linda Millband

Linda Millband

National Head of Clinical Negligence Group Actions

Linda Millband is Thompsons Solicitors’ leading clinical negligence lawyer.

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Gwen Kirby-Dent

Gwen Kirby-Dent

Principal Medical Negligence Lawyer

Gwen is a highly experienced solicitor with expertise in birth injury claims, including claims for cerebral palsy.

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Clair Wilson

Clair Wilson

Principal Medical Negligence Lawyer

Clair Wilson is a highly accomplished  lawyer experienced in birth injury claims.

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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Principal Medical Negligence Lawyer

Matthew is an accredited member of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.

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Clare Jones

Clare Jones

Principal Medical Negligence Lawyer

Clare Jones is a senior clinical negligence lawyer who deals with high-value claims.

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Bilaal's Story

A series of complications at the hospital where Bilaal was born resulted in life-changing consequences. Our medical negligence experts fought to secure compensation for Bilaal and his family.

Frequently asked questions about birth injury claims

A birth injury is when damage or an injury is caused to the child before, during or soon after birth.

You can make a birth injury claim if there is a failure to diagnose serious conditions that could harm an unborn child, such as preeclampsia or maternal or gestational diabetes.

You can also make a birth injury claim if poor care from medical staff causes your baby to suffer injury either during childbirth or within eight weeks of the date of the birth.

You can also make a childbirth negligence claim for birth injuries to the mother of the child.

You can make a claim for many types of birth injury, including:

No matter what the injury is, if medical staff such as doctors and midwives fail to provide an adequate level of care, you may be entitled to childbirth negligence compensation.

Yes, you can fund your claim through a conditional fee agreement, also known as a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

The amount of damages you may receive from a birth injury compensation claim depends on your individual case. Generally, the more severe the injury and the impact on your family, the higher the amount of compensation you may receive. Our birth injury lawyers will assess your case and provide an expected settlement figure as soon as possible.

Rest assured that our lawyers will make sure your compensation will cover the costs of any rehabilitation, treatment and home adaptations you may need to help your child live with their injury. As part of your claim, we’ll put you in touch with support groups and charities who can offer their services to support you during your child’s recovery.

A birth injury claim can be made on behalf of a child any time before their 18th birthday. Once they turn 18, they have three years to make their own birth injury claim, but the limit may not apply if they do not have the mental capacity to bring a claim themselves.

If you wish to make a birth compensation claim for a child who has passed away as a result of a birth injury, you have three years from the date of the death to make a claim.

For a birth injury caused to the mother, you usually have three years to claim following the injury. This is the case with most medical negligence claims.

Our lawyers understand the devastating impact a birth injury can have on the child, parent and the whole family. It can be a difficult and challenging time to care for the child and to process the injury. That’s why our lawyers do all that they can to help ease the emotional and financial strain that comes with a birth injury, so that the parents can focus on the care of their baby.

Thompsons also has a Legal Aid franchise for babies who suffer a brain injury within 8 weeks of birth, and all the specialist solicitors carrying out this type of work are members of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.

Almost uniquely amongst law firms, we only ever act for injured people, never those who harmed them or their insurers. We are committed to getting the maximum compensation for parents and children who have suffered a birth injury as a result of a medical error.

If you’d like to begin a birth injury claim, get in touch on 0800 0 224 224 or fill in our online claim form to begin the process. Our birth injury lawyers will offer free, no-obligation legal advice on making a claim.

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