The London Asbestos Support Awareness Group (LASAG) provides vital support and advice to those living with asbestos-related disease, and their families, across London and the south of England.

LASAG’s specialist advisors are fully-trained former lung cancer nurses, who spent their careers caring for mesothelioma sufferers and their families. Now, they offer newly-diagnosed patients free advice and guidance, and travel to their homes to check on their progress. They also set up support meetings where patients can meet other people diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses, and put them in touch with specialist asbestos lawyers, including those at Thompsons Solicitors, for free legal advice.

Thompsons Solicitors is proud to have supported the idea and creation of LASAG, as well as its ongoing work with people with asbestos diseases, and to play an active part in its fundraising efforts. The team of specialist asbestos lawyers at Thompsons Solicitors always make sure to ensure those affected by the terrible legacy of asbestos disease, left by UK industry, can access independent, impartial advice from experts and secure appropriate compensation.

For more information about the London Asbestos Support Awareness Group, visit the website.

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