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Misdiagnosis Claims

Our medical negligence specialists can help you secure compensation if you have suffered due to an incorrect or missed diagnosis.

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Misdiagnosis Claims

Medical misdiagnosis can occur in three ways. The first is when an illness or condition goes completely undiagnosed by a medical expert, and the second is when the wrong diagnosis is made, and therefore the wrong treatment is given. The third is a late diagnosis.

To pursue medical misdiagnosis compensation, a person must be able to show that the care they received, or a lack of care, led to them developing further complications. For example, you may have suffered a fracture that was undetected on an x-ray. If you experience increased pain or suffering, you may be entitled to make a misdiagnosis claim.

Why should I trust Thompsons with my misdiagnosis claim?

Our specialist lawyers are experts in representing victims who have been misdiagnosed.

Using our wealth of experience in this specialist area, we have supported clients who have been misdiagnosed for conditions such as bowel, colon, skin and breast cancer, as well as undiagnosed fractures and delayed diagnosis for tendon injuries.

If you have been misdiagnosed for a medical condition, we can help you make a misdiagnosis claim. For more information on how Thompsons Solicitors can help, read below.

Photo of Ruth
“After Thompsons secured compensation for my beautiful daughter, she was able to look to the future after what had been an extremely traumatic and unstable time, at least for a while.” Ruth, mother of Danielle, our misdiagnosis client

Frequently asked questions about making a misdiagnosis claim

There are three types of medical misdiagnosis. The first is when a medical professional fails to identify and diagnose symptoms of an illness or a medical condition. The second is a late diagnosis, which can prolong a patient’s health issues. The third is an incorrect diagnosis, where the medical professional has failed to diagnose the patient’s health symptoms correctly. This can result in the patient receiving incorrect medication or inadequate treatment.

If you have been misdiagnosed for a medical condition, contact Thompsons Solicitors for legal advice on making a misdiagnosis claim.

There are many conditions and illnesses that can be misdiagnosed by a medical professional. Some of these include:

  • Appendicitis
  • Cancer, including breast cancer, bowel cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, and eye tumours
  • Diabetes
  • Fractures
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart disease
  • Internal trauma, such as internal bleeding
  • Meningitis 
  • Stroke.

The symptoms of these conditions and illnesses can be difficult to detect. However, they can have serious consequences, and you may be able to make a claim for compensation if they are misdiagnosed. 

A misdiagnosis claim can be made for negligent treatment. If your misdiagnosis has left you in pain or discomfort, caused disability or has reduced your life expectancy, you may be able to claim for medical misdiagnosis compensation. You can also make a claim for loss of earnings, medication and equipment costs, and any other treatment costs, including travel expenses, which you have incurred as a result of your misdiagnosis.

The amount of compensation you can expect to receive from a misdiagnosis claim depends on several factors. Our specialist lawyers will consider the severity of your injuries, your accumulated care costs and any earnings lost due to your misdiagnosis. The medical evidence presented in support of your claim will also contribute to how much compensation you are likely to receive.

The time limit for making a misdiagnosis claim is three years from the date of your misdiagnosis or from the time you could first judge that your symptoms were caused by medical negligence. There are exceptions to the rule, but you should seek legal advice as soon as possible if you wish to make a claim for medical misdiagnosis compensation.

If you have been injured as a result of a misdiagnosis, contact Thompsons Solicitors to begin a claim. Claiming for medical misdiagnosis compensation can be complex, but our specialist team will guide and support you through the process.

After contacting us, our specialist team will investigate whether you have received a misdiagnosis if a medical professional was responsible and what harm has been caused as a result of your misdiagnosis.

Call us on 0800 0 224 224 for free legal advice on making a misdiagnosis claim. Alternatively, start your claim by completing our online claim form. One of our specialist lawyers will get back to you to discuss your case.