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Pleural Thickening claims

Pleural thickening can be caused by exposure to asbestos, however, like many asbestos-related diseases, it may not develop until many decades after a person was exposed to asbestos.

Pleural thickening is a potentially disabling condition and can be deeply worrying for sufferers who may become susceptible to other asbestos-related illnesses.

"I thank you and your team for the successful outcome of my claim. The settlement was already above my expectations and much appreciated."

Mr Harrison our pleural thickening client

Pleural plaques may be visible to doctors on an x-ray. In these cases it has, in the past, been possible to recover compensation, either as a full and final settlement or on what is called a provisional basis - an award of a small sum of compensation, usually a few thousands pounds, with the right to seek a further award of compensation at a later date if the person is unfortunate enough to go on to suffer a more serious asbestos-related disease.

If you or a family member has developed pleural thickening from being exposed to asbestos, then contact Thompsons Solicitors to begin your pleural thickening claim.


Why you should trust Thompsons Solicitors with your Pleural Thickening claim

Thompsons Solicitors has obtained compensation on behalf of hundreds of clients suffering from pleural thickening, often with the provision of claiming further damages should the client develop a more serious asbestos disease in the future.

Our solicitors work closely with support groups and medical services to offer support to individual clients and family members who have been affected by pleural thickening.

Get in touch with Thompsons Solicitors today for legal advice and help with your pleural thickening claim.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pleural Thickening Compensation claims

1. What is pleural thickening?

Pleural thickening is a condition that affects the lungs and can be caused by exposure and inhalation of asbestos. Symptoms of pleural thickening include shortness of breath and tightness around the chest.

If you are aware that you have previously been exposed to asbestos and begin to experience these symptoms, it is important to seek advice from your GP as an x-ray will help to diagnose pleural thickening.

2. Who is at risk of pleural thickening?

People who have been exposed to asbestos are those more likely to be at risk of pleural thickening.

Typically, these are people who have worked in construction as boilermakers, electricians, builders, carpenters, pipe fitters and plumbers, however, this is not limited to these professions.

Family members of people who work in these industries can often suffer from pleural thickening after being exposed to asbestos dust brought home on their overalls.

3. Who can make a pleural thickening compensation claim?

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with pleural thickening in the last three years, contact Thompsons Solicitors to begin a claim.

4. How much will it cost to make a Pleural Thickening claim?

Trade union members are entitled to free legal advice and support from our solicitors.

If you are not a trade union member, there are other funding options available, such as our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. Visit our fees and payment page for more information.

5. How much pleural thickening compensation could I receive?

The amount of your compensation for pleural thickening depends on your case. Pleural thickening claims are case specific, which means your compensation is calculated by the level of suffering, as well as the financial losses and care costs incurred from your diagnosis.

6. How can I make a Pleural Thickening claim?

Our team of asbestos-related disease solicitors are happy to help with any claim or query you may have. Call Thompsons Solicitors on 0800 0 224 224 for legal advice or fill in our online claim form to begin your pleural thickening compensation claim.