There are a variety of ways to fund a personal injury case.

Unlike other law firms, Thompsons has always been committed to representing those who need us the most, not those who can pay us the most. We are open and transparent about legal costs and fees and we won’t muck you around; we will advise you at the outset if we don’t think your case has a genuine chance of success.

Thompsons is proud to support the trade union movement and encourages all workers to join their relevant union. If you or a member of your family are part of a trade union, it is free to make a personal injury compensation claim - win or lose. You can learn more about the services available to union members on our dedicated trade union law pages.

If you’re not in a union and are thinking about making a personal injury claim but don’t know how you’re going to fund it, you can find more information on how much it will cost to make a claim and how we can support you below.



There are a variety of ways to fund a personal injury compensation claim. At Thompsons, we make sure that everyone who has been injured where it wasn’t their fault can make a claim. The different funding options available allow you to make a claim without worrying about being left out of pocket.

In most instances, we recommend what’s called a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ (CFA) – what’s commonly described as ‘no win, no fee’ – and that you only take out an insurance policy if we need to commence court proceedings. This insurance is called ATE (After The Event) legal expenses insurance and provides full cover for your opponent’s legal costs just in case the court orders you to pay any part of them during the case.

Will I need to pay any legal costs upfront?

No, you will never have to pay us any legal costs in advance.

‘No win, no fee’ agreements mean that we only get paid if your claim is successful.  And what makes Thompsons different from many other firms is that if we cannot recover all of our legal costs from your opponent we won’t make you pay the difference.

Other firms may try to recover their legal costs from the other side but in addition, will deduct any shortfall from your compensation. The legal costs that can be recovered from your opponent are now fixed by law in most personal injury cases. The more work the solicitors have to do over and above these fixed recoverable amounts, the more that could be deducted from your compensation. If the amounts we can recover are fixed that is all that we will receive and we will not look to you to pay any shortfall for additional work that we have done for you.

No win, no fee

‘No win, no fee’ means that if your case isn’t successful, you will not have to pay any legal costs. Under a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, Thompsons will carry the outlays we have to make as the case goes along – things like court fees, medical reports. We will not send you any bills to pay, there will be no hidden charges and if your case isn’t successful, you won’t have to pay anything towards your opponent’s costs. You can find more information on our ‘no win, no fee’ page.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Unlike other firms, Thompsons won’t insist on you taking out an ATE insurance policy straight away*. And, if we do recommend you take out ATE insurance the premiums we recommend are usually lower than those suggested by other personal injury firms. That’s because in many cases we bear the burden of expenses like medical reports and court fees so you don’t need to insure against these.

We also don’t usually recommend taking out insurance until absolutely necessary i.e. when court proceedings need to be issued. Again, that makes us different from many other law firms.

What do I pay if my personal injury claim is successful?

If your personal injury claim is successful, we will try to recover our basic legal fees and outlays from the other side. This is an important principle of the law in the UK - ‘the polluter pays’.

If you win, we will charge you a success fee. This is never more than 25% of your compensation and unlike other specialist law firms, in most cases, we will cap the success fee at 20% of your compensation. Any success fee that we charge in your case will be explained to you by the person dealing with your claim and confirmed in writing early on when we decide if there is a case to pursue.

How much personal injury compensation will I get if my claim is successful?

Trade union members keep 100% of their compensation because their claims are funded by their union; this is just one of the many benefits of joining a union – something we encourage all workers to do.

Non-union members keep a minimum of 80% of their compensation in standard personal injury claims** because we cap our success fees at 20%. Unlike many other law firms, Thompsons includes the cost of any ATE insurance policy we advise you to take out within the success fee we charge – not on top. Many other law firms also charge a 25% success fee in the average personal injury claim, which means it’s likely you will receive less of your compensation.

Do I have to pay if my case is unsuccessful?

No. A ‘no win, no fee’ agreement means that if your case doesn’t succeed (but, don’t worry, the vast majority do) Thompsons will carry the costs associated with your claim, including any medical report charges and court fees incurred.  



If you’re thinking of making a compensation claim, take a look below for reasons why you should choose Thompsons.

Why should I make a personal injury claim with Thompsons?

Our solicitors are committed to #StandingUpForYou in a number of different ways. We only act on behalf of the injured, never the insurance company or employer, which means we’re 100% on your side.

We do not believe your financial circumstances should dictate whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim following an injury in public, on the roads or in the workplace. Being upfront and honest about our fees and payment, with no hidden insurance costs is just one of the reasons you should trust Thompsons with your personal injury claim.

We’ll also do our best to secure the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries, and will fight to get you interim payments should you need them while we fight your case.

How do we compare with other firms?

Here’s how an award of £5,000 for pain, suffering and losses incurred following an accident at work might compare with another personal injury firm. The difference in the small print could be equal to the cost of a holiday.


Other personal injury firms


Extra to you

Compensation Awarded




Success Fee Deduction

£1,250 (25%)

£1,000 (20%)


ATE insurance


Included in the 20%


Shortfall in fees recovered from opponent




Unrecovered medical report fee




Total deduction from compensation




What you receive




How can I make a claim?

Making a claim with Thompsons is straightforward. Once you’ve been in touch, our personal injury solicitors will review your details to see if you have a valid claim. We’ll do our best to run and win your compensation claim in the shortest time possible.

To make a claim with Thompsons, contact our experts on 0800 0 224 224 or complete our online claim form. Alternatively, you can request a callback and we will be in touch.

If you would like further explanation, advice or other information about legal costs, the funding arrangements for your case or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly legal enquiries team.

For more information on why you should choose Thompsons with your claim, visit our #StandingUpForYou campaign page.

* Except in the majority of medical negligence claims.
** Serious or catastrophic injury claimants or the victims of medical negligence have success fee and ATE insurance capped at 25% of compensation.