Cerebra is a national charity that was established in 2001 with the aim of improving the lives of children with neurological conditions and the lives of the loved ones who support them.

Cerebra combines a mix of research, information services and support to offer:

  • Regional family support forums
  • A Freephone counselling service
  • A free postal lending library service offering books and sensory equipment
  • Grants services to help families cover the cost of specialist equipment and services
  • A network of regional officers who can help with form filling, meetings and the Disability Living Allowance process

For more information, visit the Cerebra website.

Supporting a child or young person with a neurological condition caused as a result of traumatic brain injury or a birth injury can be challenging, but with the right mix of support, rehabilitation and funding families can, and do, thrive.

Compensation can play a vital part in this mix. Talk to our empathetic and friendly team about how we can help with a case for brain injury compensation or a birth injury claim.


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