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Prescription Error Claims

We have a team of medical negligence specialists who can help you secure compensation if you have been injured because you were given the wrong prescription.

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Prescription Error Claims

Medical staff in the UK are highly trained and, in the vast majority of cases, prescribe the correct patient medication. However mistakes can happen and the consequences can be severe – in some cases the wrong prescription can be fatal.

If you were prescribed medication incorrectly and have suffered as a result, you may be able to make a prescription error compensation claim. Our vastly experienced medical negligence experts work tirelessly on behalf of people who have suffered because of a prescription error.

What is a prescription error?

A prescription error is when someone is given medication which is incorrect. 

A prescription error can happen if the doctor prescribes the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or a medication which could be harmful to the patient due to allergies or other conditions.

Prescription errors also include mistakes made by the pharmacy dispensing the medication. For example, if the pharmacy gives a patient medication, dosage or instructions that doesn't match what was prescribed by the doctor. 

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Frequently asked questions about prescription error claims

Prescription errors are can occur in prescribing medication and dispensing medication. 

Errors which can occur in dispensing medication are:

  • Placing the medication in the wrong bag so that it is given to the wrong patient
  • The medication is labelled incorrectly
  • The chemist dispenses the incorrect dosage of the medication.

Errors which can occur in prescribing medication are:

  • When a patient has been receiving repeat prescriptions for some time, without routine review by a doctor
  • The incorrect dosage prescribed, leading to an overdose
  • Prescribing medication to a patient who is known to have an allergy to an ingredient of that medication
  • Prescribing medication to a patient who is taking other medication at the time, which is known to contraindicate with the new medication
  • Prescribing an adult dose of medication to a child patient.

Side effects can vary from allergic reactions and worsening of pre-existing symptoms to severe illness and even death. This depends on the strength of the drug, or drugs, how long they were used in error and the condition being treated.

To an extent, yes. We always recommend that you and your loved ones check that the medication you are given by a chemist matches the prescription from your GP. You should always check the packaging of your prescription as a precaution before taking the medicine.

Yes. Our specialists have extensive experience in supporting people who have suffered after being given the wrong prescription, including a man who developed a severe allergic reaction after being incorrectly prescribed with penicillin.

We have also helped thousands of people who have suffered because of other forms of medical negligence, including hospital complaints, orthopaedic claims and doctor negligence. Thompsons worked with almost 500 former patients of disgraced breast surgeon, Ian Paterson, to provide legal guidance and support.

If you have been given the wrong prescription and would like to make a medical negligence claim, contact our specialist teams today on 0800 0 224 224, request a call back or fill out our free claim form.

Thompsons Solicitors will discuss various payment options with you, but usually we recommend a conditional fee agreement – also known as 'no win, no fee'. This means that, if your wrong prescription claim is unsuccessful, you won't pay a penny.

If it is successful, the bulk of our legal costs for acting on your behalf are covered by the insurer of the guilty party. The only cost to you would be a success fee, which will be no more than 25 per cent of the total amount recovered. This percentage is significantly lower than most law firms.

Yes. For almost all personal injury claims, there is a three-year time limit. For prescription error compensation claims, this means three years from when you could reasonably know that your illness or injury was a result of this medical negligence.

There is no set time for a claim to be completed, but Thompsons will always try to settle a claim as quickly and compassionately as possible. Some serious and complex cases of prescription error that cause long-lasting, serious injuries can take some years to complete.

Make a prescription error claim

Thompsons Solicitors can help you today if you've suffered because of prescription error. Call us on 0800 0 224 224 to speak to an experienced legal specialist, or fill out our start a claim form, and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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