Senior Legal Executive of Serious Injuries, Jacqui is part of Thompsons Solicitors’ Personal Injury Team and covers cases across the south west of England.

Based out of Thompsons’ Bristol office, Jacqui specialises in claims related to serious injuries, including brain and spinal injuries and amputations, that have occurred at work, during road traffic accidents or involve employer or public liability.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a legal executive, Jacqui provides the best possible service for clients who have suffered life-changing injuries or have lost a loved one in a fatal accident.

Compassionate and determined, Jacqui is keenly aware that clients are reliant on their claim being dealt with effectively to get them the rehabilitation and compensation they require.

Jacqui’s day-to-day duties include organising rehabilitation with specialists as quickly as possible, instructing a wide range of experts to support claims and ensuring early interim payments are obtained to help clients who are struggling financially and to fund rehabilitation.

Jacqui is proud to work for Thompsons because the firm only works for claimants and never defendants.

Outside of work, Jacqui is busy being a mum and enjoys traveling, keeping fit and going to restaurants.


Jacqui’s client fell from a ladder whilst working on a roof and suffered a life changing brain injury that prevented him returning to work. The employer had not erected a scaffold but required Jacqui’s client to use the ladder, which was in a bad condition and had not been secured properly, to go up and down from the roof while carrying equipment. Jacqui commenced court proceedings after the defendant strongly denied liability and was successful in securing compensation for her client.


Accident at work claim: Jacqui’s client had three fingers partially amputated after a packaging machine he was using at work collapsed onto his hand. The man was forced to spend a year off work recovering from his injuries, which have permanently limited the type of manual work he can perform. After the man’s trade union contacted Thompsons to make a serious injury claim on his behalf, Jacqui secured significant compensation which covered his lost earnings, the cost of an automatic car and the cost of a private prosthesis.