Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, John Oultram specialises in assaults at work, taking cases from all North West England.

Having qualified as a solicitor in 1991, John is one of Thompsons’ most experienced lawyers, taking cases where organisations owe a duty of care to employees and visitors to their premises and members of the public. These areas of law are known respectively as Employers’ Liability, Occupiers Liability and Public Liability.

Among John’s clients are nurses, clinical and mental health support staff, ambulance workers and care home personnel who have been attacked by patients or service users. Injuries can be serious and often there is a psychological impact which can lead to depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

John values working for Thompsons because of its commitment to achieving justice for the injured party, rather than those who may be responsible for their injuries or their insurance companies. 

Away from work John likes to go cycling and walking his dog.


This is a small sample of John’s more recent cases:

A clinical support worker asked a hospital to provide security to cope with a patient’s violent behaviour, but management failed to provide it and John’s client was subsequently attacked.

The patient had become agitated and the claimant and a colleague tried to calm the situation but they were both assaulted. John’s client fell and injured her back during the attack. The hospital claimed that it was not liable for damages and John began legal proceedings. However during negotiations John secured a four figure sum in settlement which was accepted by the client.

A mental health support worker was required to restrain a service user on two occasions and suffered a painful injury as a consequence. On the second occasion John’s client could only release his grip on the patient after he was given an injection.

Despite being put on light duties because of his painful injury, the claimant was called upon to help restrain several other patients during that period which made injuries to his right elbow and shoulder much worse.

The employer denied liability, but as the time for the trial approached John was able to negotiate a five figure settlement.

In another case John secured a five figure settlement for a support worker who was injured while assisting a service user into a vehicle. John’s client damaged her toe and developed a painful condition. The medical picture was complicated but John negotiated the settlement ahead of a trial.


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