A highly successful personal injury senior lawyer, Michelle handles industrial disease claims for Thompsons’ Solicitors clients across the north west.

Based in the firm’s Manchester office, Michelle also supervises members of the firm’s industrial disease team and civil assaults lawyers who will take on cases of clients who are assaulted at work. Typical cases may include nursing staff assaulted by patients in mental health units or in accident and emergency departments, or residents in care homes assaulting staff.

Michelle has 27 years’ experience of success in gaining thousands of pounds in compensation for clients damaged or injured at work.  She deals with a whole range of industrial disease claims,  including vibration damage, work-related upper limb disorders, hearing loss induced by noise, injuries caused by unsafe or faulty equipment, damage caused by exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances and stress-related conditions.

With a reputation for excellent client care and a determined negotiator, Michelle is a hard-working and empathetic champion of those who are injured at work through no fault of their own.   She uses her skills to make sure her teams do their absolute best for their clients and gain the maximum amount of compensation.

Michelle finds it rewarding working for Thompsons, where she can obtain compensation for individuals who have been put at risk by their employers.

A Manchester City fan, Michelle finds time to support her team and likes to spend time with her family.


Occupational asthma contracted from exposure to Chlor-Clean:  Two hospital cleaners contracted occupational asthma from breathing fumes from the powerful disinfectant Chlor-Clean in a poorly-ventilated area.  They did not receive proper training, were not provided with the proper equipment to ensure the chemical was dissolved safely in a room suitably-ventilated and were not provided with personal protective equipment.  Michelle took on the case and, despite liability being denied, achieved a settlement of £10,000.

Vibration white finger:  Michelle won a five-figure sum compensation for an aircraft painter who developed vibration white finger after years of using a Dynabrade sander to prepare large sections of aircraft for painting.  Suffering from blanching, numbness and tingling, with problems gripping, Michelle’s client was not offered training or advice, nor was his condition monitored, although he was offered anti-vibration gloves late in the day.  Although liability was denied, Michelle proved through an engineer’s report that her client had been exposed to vibrations way in excess of recommended levels.

Badly-positioned desk caused frequent back pain:  A school receptionist suffered frequent back pain when her desk was moved to a new area and positioned in a way that involved her having to stretch and twist to do her job properly.  When she moved her desk and equipment so that she could see the main door, reach various materials, operate the door release and speak to colleagues, she was told to move it back.  She suffered for some time with discomfort, but when her symptoms got worse, she turned to Thompsons for help. Michelle took on the case, and following proceedings being issued, negotiated a four-figure sum in settlement. 


Michelle is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Ms T, a Thompsons’ Solicitors personal injury claim client, said:

“Thank you Michelle for your efforts with my claim.  I am happy with the outcome”.


Mrs M, who turned to Thompsons for support for her industrial disease claim, said:

“Michelle and all the team at Thompsons – many thanks for all your hard work”.


Mr L, a client injured at work, said:

“I would  like to thank you for all your hard work in successfully obtaining compensation for me in my hand-arm vibration claim.  It is very much appreciated”.