Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, Rachel Biddle is a highly experienced lawyer specialising in accidents at work.

Taking complex cases from all over the North West of England, Rachel represents clients who have been involved in accidents or assaults at work or injured in road accidents.

Rachel’s cases, sometimes involving public liability, inevitably yield damages of £25,000 or more and involve orthopaedic trauma and claims where the client has suffered a serious psychological impact.

Rachel is renowned for treating her clients with care and respect and pursuing the highest possible damages in the shortest possible time.

Rachel values Thompsons’ refusal to represent defendants and only to take the cases of those who have suffered the injury. She says that principle sets the firm apart from competitors, together with its policy of meeting the clients in person.

Rachel is a testament to Thompsons’ high reputation for developing its own staff through mentoring and training. She started work at the firm in the post room aged 18 and eventually becoming a secretary. She was supported by Thompsons through night school and college and qualified as a chartered legal executive in 2001.  

In her spare time, Rachel loves to be with her children and when she can find time, she likes walking and reading. 


A court awarded a prison officer more than £29,000 in damages after he was hit by a riot shield during a training exercise causing a deep wound to his forehead. The officer was taking part in a national scheme and was training to be an instructor. The judge at the trial in September 2019 accepted Rachel’s argument that safety procedures on the course were deficient.

Rachel secured a settlement of £58,000 in October 2019 for a cyclist who sustained a series of injuries when he was struck by a car on a roundabout.

Two months earlier Rachel negotiated damages of more than £80,000 for a fitter whose fingers were badly crushed while repairing a machine at work. The tips of two of his fingers had to be amputated. A jack supporting the machine had slipped and Rachel successfully argued that the employer had not supplied the correct safety equipment.


“I cannot express how grateful I am to Thompsons and Rachel Biddle for helping and advising me in my time of need. Many, many thanks.”

“Thank you so very much for all your hard work with my case. You are a star.”

“Thank you for all your help and support. I know you worked hard to bring me some justice and closure and I am very grateful.”