Alan has over 34 years of experience in the legal industry and is a member of the national asbestos team at Thompsons Solicitors, which is renowned for its dedication to representing victims of asbestos exposure in the UK. 

Having qualified as a Solicitor over 15 years ago, Alan's legal career has focused on personal injury, particularly championing the rights of those afflicted by industrial diseases, notably asbestos-related conditions.

As a key figure overseeing the West Midlands Asbestos team, Alan's role involves managing cases related to asbestos exposure. His successful track record shows his expertise in navigating the complex landscape of asbestos litigation. Alan specialises in securing justice and substantial compensation for victims, acknowledging their suffering and often ensuring potentially life-enhancing treatments unavailable through the NHS.

Alan's interests outside work include engaging in sports like football, golf, and running. His passion for sports mirrors his professional commitment to advocacy and justice.