Jane is a highly experienced senior solicitor, specialising solely in asbestos disease claims for Thompsons’ clients in the North West. Based in the firm’s Manchester office, Jane has been handling industrial disease cases for 25 years. 

With an impressive track-record of achieving significant amounts of compensation for clients injured through the course of their work, Jane has handled a wide variety of cases of asbestos-related disease, stress, dermatitis, hand and arm vibration injuries, asthma, military deafness and silicosis. 

An acknowledged expert in industrial disease litigation, Jane has also built up a vast knowledge of the health damage caused by asbestos exposure and how asbestos-related diseases progress. She uses all her skills to fight for compensation exclusively for those people damaged by working with or being exposed to asbestos, including cases of mesothelioma, lung cancer and pleural thickening

Proving liability can be a complex task, but Jane is relentless in her pursuit of employers or their insurers and is not put off by the fact that many will have gone out of business. Jane will gather and analyse all the necessary detailed evidence, engineering and medical, of how her clients were exposed to asbestos, and evidence of financial loss present and future, to pursue claims through the courts.

Jane approaches her clients with care and compassion. Many clients she represents are terminally ill, so Jane aims to complete the case in as short a time as possible and to secure the maximum amount in compensation. Jane also represents the families of people who have sadly died from their illness. Guiding clients and their families through the legal process at a time when they are at their most vulnerable, Jane works quickly and efficiently. She is sensitive to the fact that no amount of money will compensate for ruined health or the loss of a loved one, but strives to gain the best outcome for them.

Jane believes it is a privilege to represent her clients and she is humbled by their dignity and courage.

She finds working for Thompsons very rewarding as it is unique as a leading light in personal injury litigation for a century and has run many significant landmark cases resulting in a positive impact for working people. Thompsons doesn’t just simply pursue claims; the firm is actively involved in many campaigns that demonstrate  it really does put its clients first. 


Professional membership

Jane is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.