Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle upon Tyne office, David Mole is an exceptionally experienced lawyer specialising in industrial diseases.

David supervises five experienced colleagues in the industrial disease team and is ultimately responsible for 80-plus cases in the North East.

With more than 20 years’ legal experience, 18 years of which were spent at Thompsons, David has dealt with a wide range of personal injury cases during his career, especially those involving accidents and work-related stress.

These days his work is dominated by claims involving noise-induced hearing loss, work-related neck and upper limb disorders and hand-arm vibration syndrome - also known as vibration white finger.

David’s dedication and professionalism ensure that the highest possible compensation is achieved for clients in the shortest time possible.

David points out that Thompsons only represents injured parties and never those who might be responsible for those injuries or their insurance companies.

Outside his work for Thompsons, David enjoys running and football.

David's Case Experience

Below is a small sample of the kind of cases successfully taken by David:

David’s client in this case developed vibration white finger after working for many years as a local authority gardener. He had been using vibrating equipment such as hedge cutters, strimmers and mowers throughout his time with the council but was never warned of the long-terms effects until many years into his employment. Initially the employer denied culpability, but David initiated legal proceedings and the claim was settled for £11,000.

Another claim was settled for £11,000 after the employer admitted they had exposed David’s client to vibrating tools on a daily basis over a decade, but claimed they were not responsible for the vibration white finger he had contracted. The client continued to work with the equipment up to 2009 although he had a tingling sensation in his fingers from 2005 onwards. Hand arm vibration syndrome was diagnosed in 2010. The case went to trail, but it was settled on the second day after the employer agreed to pay £11,000 in compensation.

A client who used an electric engraving pen for more than 20 years developed had arm vibration syndrome. The vibrating pen was used to engrave metal. The employer conceded liability and offered £20,000 in compensation. David advised the client to reject the offer and the claim was settled for £25,000 after court proceedings had been initiated.

Professional Membership

David is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Andrew Dyke said: “I would like to thank Thompsons for their excellent service on dealing with my case for VWF (Vibration White Finger). They are reliable, quick to respond to you on any change of circumstances throughout the case. They were more than very helpful on helping me throughout my case. I would also like to thank Mr David Mole who dealt with my case. I would definitely like to use the professionalism of Thompsons Solicitors again if ever needed.”