Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, Emma Carter is a highly regarded industrial disease lawyer taking clients from all over the North West.

Emma began her career at Thompsons at that age of 17 and now has more than two decades of experience as a frontline lawyer.

Her caseload covers the full spectrum of industrial disease claims. Many of the cases involve the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations involving clients who have contracted a range of conditions from asthma to pneumoconiosis, a diseases of the lungs caused by inhalation of dust.

Emma also handles cases involving dermatitis, repetitive strain injury, hand-arm vibration syndrome, noise-induced hearing loss and psychological conditions brought on by work-related stress. Some clients are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the hand.

Emma is proud of her record of securing the greatest possible compensation for clients in the shortest possible time. She is also at pains to make the legal process as stress-free for claimants as possible, always keeping them up to date with the progress of their case. She is also proud to work for a firm which only acts on behalf of the injured party, never those who may be responsible for their injuries or their insurance companies.

Away from work Emma is an avid fan of Formula One racing. She also likes to cook and go to the theatre.


Emma negotiated a £167,000 provisional settlement for a client who contracted a severe lung condition after working for nearly 30 years as a fettler grinder.

The claimant had been breathing in welding fumes and aluminium dust and was forced to give up work when he was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis.

He worked for two employers during the period in question from 1987 to 2016 and it was difficult to trace them because of name changes. Emma tracked them down, but they both strongly denied that they had failed to provide suitable equipment and a safe working environment for the claimant.

Emma issued court proceedings and medical opinion was secured by both parties which proved that the employers had a strong degree of liability. The companies offered a settlement of £147,000, but following the advice of a senior barrister Emma argued for higher damages. As part of the agreement, the client can return to court if his condition worsens.

Emma prides herself on her professionalism even where the damages in prospect are relatively modest. In one case a client with a nut allergy was given a macaroon made of almond flour with her afternoon tea at a hotel. The claimant told staff three times about her allergy, but was advised that none of the food contained nuts.

Luckily her reaction to the almond flour was not life-threatening, but she suffered breathlessness for weeks afterwards.

The hotel failed to respond to a number of letters and phone calls complaining about the incident and Emma issued court proceedings. The insurers then offered to settle the claim for £1,000, but Emma secured £1,300.

In another case Emma rejected an offer of £15,000 in damages from Scottish Power for a dermatitis sufferer and secured £65,000.

The man had worked for the company from 1986 to 2014 as an electrical jointer and his hands had regularly come into contact with solvent wipes, epoxy resin and paraffin.

The client had been forced to take a lower paid job in a warehouse because of his condition. Emma argued that the employers were liable because of their failure to provide suitable gloves and issued court proceedings after they failed to confirm an early admission of culpability.

Scottish Power filed a defence denying responsibility and argued that the claim was out of time, but evidence was secured which supported Emma’s argument.


“Emma Carter was professional at all times, she was supportive and took the time to explain to me what would happen and when. She was supportive during the time I was writing my witness statement and helped me with the relevant evidence I needed to resolve my case. I appreciate all that Emma did to remove the stress from the situation.”