Based in the Leeds office of Thompsons Solicitors, Richard is a seasoned solicitor specialising in industrial disease claims. As a senior team member, he brings extensive knowledge and experience. He successfully represents numerous clients with conditions such as hand-arm vibration syndrome, workplace stress, work-related upper limb disorders, occupational asthma, and noise-induced hearing loss.

Richard's comprehensive understanding of industrial disease claims and exceptional negotiation, communication, and litigation skills consistently lead to favourable outcomes for his clients. His dedication ensures that victims receive rightful compensation and justice for the injuries they've suffered in their workplace.

Qualifying as a solicitor in 2014, Richard brought his expertise to Thompsons in 2022. He is passionate about helping clients raise their voices against workplace injustices and standing up for individuals who have suffered injuries in their work environments — places where they should be safe to carry out their duties without the threat of harm.

When not immersed in the legal world, Richard spends his free time indulging in various hobbies. He's an avid cyclist and an enthusiastic reader. He also enjoys woodworking in his spare time.