Gwen is a highly experienced senior serious injury and clinical negligence injury solicitor based in Thompsons' London office.

In addition to managing a large specialist unit which deals with serious injury and clinical negligence claims, Gwen is also the supervisor for clinical negligence and serious injury work for the whole South Eastern region.

Gwen has expertise in all aspects of claims involving maximum severity injuries, but specialises in claims for adults and children who have suffered brain injuries associated with permanent disability, caused as a result of clinical negligence, accidents or road traffic collisions.

With significant experience in spinal injuries, Gwen represents quadriplegic and paraplegic clients seeking compensation to enable them to have a fulfilling future.

In relation to clinical negligence, Gwen has considerable experience of cerebral palsy birth injuries, injuries to mother, brain injuries following surgical errors, surgical errors and misdiagnoses.

Gwen has extensive experience of multi-million pound awards for compensation, often involving periodical payments, and recovers damages for the pain and suffering clients have endured as well as for the ongoing care they will need.

Both Gwen and her team aim to obtain interim payments wherever possible so rehabilitation, a care package and suitable accommodation can be put in place before the claim is concluded.

Gwen's case experience

Gwen has an extensive record of successfully litigating high value and notable cases. She consistently seeks and obtains interim payments.

Gwen’s recent very high value settlements for life changing injuries include:

A settlement of £3,750,000 for a boy with cerebral palsy, plus annual payments for life increasing during his lifetime to meet changing and increasing needs.

A net £1,500,000 settlement for a man who suffered a brain injury during a road traffic accident, after deductions for actions of the client that contributed to his injuries (contributory negligence).

A settlement for a brain injured man who suffered a stroke at work as a result of poor working practices of £2,175,000, plus annual payments during his lifetime increasing as his needs change.

Gwen’s notable caselaw experience:

Periodical Payments in Godbold v Mahmood – Gwen conducted one of the first cases involving periodical payments, where damages are paid annually for every year of a claimant’s life.

Vicarious Liability in Hawley v Luminar Leisure plc  – Gwen tested the extent to which an organisation that employs contract workers may be held responsible for their actions while working on the premises depending on the level of control that they retain.

Interim Payments in Barrett v East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust – Gwen obtained an order that an interim payment was appropriate to enable the claimant to adapt his home so that he could move out of the care home where he had lived since a tracheostomy had left him mentally and physically disabled.

Professional membership

Gwen is a member of Headway (the Brain Injury Association), The Law Society as a Clinical Negligence Panel Member, Child Brain Injury Trust, UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum and also The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Gwen is also deputy chair for her local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) patient engagement forum.