Gwen is a highly experienced solicitor specialising in catastrophic injuries arising from clinical negligence and is the team leader for the London-based clinical negligence lawyers within Thompsons' national clinical negligence team.

Gwen is highly experienced in handling severe injuries, focusing on assisting adults and children who have sustained brain injuries, such as cerebral palsy birth injuries, and spinal injuries resulting in quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Throughout her extensive career, Gwen has successfully secured numerous multi-million-pound settlements for her clients, often incorporating periodical payments and provisions for continued care.

Gwen is widely recognised as a determined and persistent litigator who passionately champions her clients' needs while being approachable and compassionate. Her primary focus, alongside the rest of her team, is obtaining early interim payments to facilitate rehabilitation, establish care packages, and secure appropriate housing even before the claim is finalised, ensuring significant benefits for the client and their family.


Gwen's case experience

  • In the year 2020/21 Gwen secured damages for her clients in excess of £61 million in five separate cases for boys with cerebral palsy. In every case, there were annual payments for life increasing during the lifetime of the child to meet their changing and increasing needs
  • £1,500,000 for a man who suffered a brain injury during a road traffic accident.
  • £2,175,000 for a client who suffered a brain injury from a stroke due to poor working practices. In addition, there are to be annual payments during the client's lifetime that will increase as his needs change.
  • Securing £1.8m for a client as an interim payment for purchasing a specialist property with adaptations whilst the case was ongoing.

Landmark cases

  • Periodical Payments: Gwen’s case of Godbold v Mahmood was one of the first in the UK involving periodical payments paid annually for every year of a claimant’s life.
  • Vicarious Liability: In Hawley v Luminar Leisure plc, Gwen tested the extent to which an organisation that employs contract workers may be held responsible for their actions depending on the level of control that they retain.
  • Interim Payments: Gwen obtained an order in Barrett v East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust that an interim payment for her client to adapt his home was appropriate, enabling him to move out of the care home where he had lived since a negligent tracheostomy had left him mentally and physically disabled.


Professional memberships


Gwen is also deputy chair for her local Clinical Commissioning Group patient engagement forum.