Amy has been a valued member of Thompsons’ national litigation unit for four years and has cultivated considerable experience working with both UNISON and Unite teams. 

Her legal focus primarily lies in pre-litigation personal injury claims and employer's liability and public liability cases. This specialisation stems from Amy's profound interest and proficiency in these areas of law, contributing significantly to her successful legal career.

Public liability involves the legal duty of individuals or businesses to compensate the public for any harm, injury, or damage they experience while on their property or due to their actions. It covers accidents like slips, trips, falls, or incidents in shops, restaurants, or public areas.

Employer's liability refers to employers' legal obligation to ensure their employees' health, safety, and well-being during work. This means providing a safe work environment, proper training, and protective measures to prevent workplace accidents or illnesses. If an employee suffers an injury or illness because of their employer's negligence, they may be eligible to seek compensation through an employer's liability claim.

Amy's academic journey led her to Keele University, a crucial stepping stone toward a career in the legal profession. Showing initiative and passion for her field, Amy joined Thompsons Solicitors as a paralegal before graduation. After receiving her degree, Amy transitioned into the role of a litigation assistant, allowing her to refine her legal skills further and deepen her knowledge.

Amy balances her demanding professional life away from the office with various interests. She is passionate about maintaining her health and fitness and also relishes the excitement and learning of travelling. Additionally, Amy has a profound appreciation for music. Throughout her school and college years, she honed her skills on multiple instruments, including the clarinet, saxophone, and piano, ultimately achieving a distinction at Grade 8. This accomplishment is a testament to Amy's talent, dedication, and discipline.