Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, Gareth Carter specialises in personal injury cases where there is a foreign element involved. He is based in the Foreign Jurisdiction team.

His caseload involves accidents abroad or those which have occurred in this country where the defendant is a foreign national or a foreign-based organisation.

The claims can involve injuries sustained on aircraft, ships, on the road or at work.

Gareth joined Thompsons in 2016 and represents clients from all over the country, having worked previously as a legal advisor at another national law firm.

As part of his commitment to securing the highest possible damages for his clients in the shortest possible time, Gareth often deals with foreign agents and lawyers.

An Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, Gareth represents clients from the moment they contact Thompsons to the conclusion of the case either via out of court settlement or trial.

Gareth values his work at Thompsons because of its commitment to representing the injured party rather than the defendant or their insurance companies.

Outside work, Gareth likes travelling, running and reading.

Gareth's case experience

Gareth takes a wide range of cases, involving injuries suffered in countries all over the world or sustained in the UK but involving a foreign defendant. His work involves special expertise because of the different legal systems and procedures involved.

Some of his clients are passengers who were injured while taking flights, or at ports or on board ships. Other clients are employees injured while working for companies associated with air travel or shipping.

Professional membership

Chartered Institute of Legal Executives – Associate Member.


Dr C after a case involving a road accident in Germany: “Many thanks for all your help. You have been incredibly professional, courteous and, most important, successful with this matter. I wish you all the best.”