Imran is an experienced personal injury solicitor dealing with clients throughout Yorkshire and Humberside, working from Thompsons Solicitors  Leeds office.

Imran has spent the past 12 years successfully pursuing claims on behalf of clients who have been injured in either road traffic accidents or accidents at work. Dealing with the more serious cases attracting compensation of between £25,000 and £100,000, Imran uses his skills, knowledge and expertise to get the best possible outcome for his clients.  

Imran is tenacious in pursuing claims against organisations, individuals or employers who deny liability. Whether acting on behalf of the elderly woman who was attacked by a huge dog and ended up with a fractured hip and back, or a man suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome, Imran is professional, patient and thorough. 

Expert in dealing with claims involving faulty equipment at work or work-places that are unsafe, and in establishing liability for attacks or assaults either at work or in public, Imran is highly regarded for his dedication and efficiency.

Imran has a great track record in handling claims for fractured hips, spinal and brain injuries, permanent shoulder damage, amputations, slips, trips and bites.  Seeing each case all the way through to court proceedings, if necessary, Imran provides support, help and guidance for his clients. Imran will interview witnesses, obtain lost earnings details, obtain the best medical advice and evidence and instruct barristers. 

Following cases through to the end and seeing satisfied clients, by providing the best possible service, is why Imran enjoys working for Thompsons’ Solicitors.

To relax, Imran likes to play and watch football, workout in the gym and play squash. 

Imran's case experience

Mrs A was attacked by a young man with mental disabilities during the course of her work. As a result of the assault, she stopped work, retiring a little earlier than she had expected. Imran issued court proceedings when the defendants denied liability and won £55,000 in compensation for her losses and injuries. 


Jackson Pearson-White, a former Thompsons personal injury client, said:

“Thank you so much for fighting my corner and for creating a very positive outcome from what was a very negative event. I admire your patience and professionalism, and you also totally got what the case meant to me. Your ability to articulate complex legal intricacies was so very much appreciated.”

Jamie McGregor, a former Thompsons personal injury client, said:

“This was my first ever claim and despite the very lengthy process, I was more than happy with the outcome and my solicitor kept me up to date at all times.  I could not be happier with Thompsons and would highly recommend them”.