Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester centre, Matthew Corby supervises other personal injury lawyers and runs the most complex cases himself.

Matthew has specialised in personal injury claims during his 15 years as a frontline solicitor, concentrating on serious injury cases during the last 10 years, including traumatic brain injuries.

Matthew’s cases, taken from all over the North West, involve injuries which have a profound and long-lasting impact on a person and their family. He acts for claimants who have a wide range of orthopaedic trauma, psychiatric trauma and traumatic brain injury which often result in compensation in excess of £100,000.

Matthew ensures that his clients - and those of his colleagues in the team – achieve the highest possible compensation in the shortest possible time. He also makes sure claimants are kept abreast of developments in their case.

Matthew was a partner in another prominent national firm of solicitors before joining Thompsons in 2019. He points out that Thompsons’ main focus is on achieving justice for the client rather than making the largest possible profit. It is an emphasis which sets it apart from other firms, he says.

In his spare time, Matthew coaches children’s football and enjoys triathlon training.

Matthew's case experience

The cases below give an idea of the high value settlements achieved by Matthew:

A settlement worth £2,750,000 was achieved by Matthew for a client who suffered a catastrophic head injury when the car in which he was being driven in was involved in a high speed crash. The settlement involved annual payments of £28,000 and a lump sum of £1,000,000. Interim payments covered rehabilitation and the purchase of new accommodation with the provision of care.

Early on in the case it was alleged that the claimant knew, or should have known, that the driver was not insured. That was disputed by Matthew and a compromise was reached in which the insurer accepted 80 per cent of the liability in very difficult circumstance for the claimant.

The future impact of the injury on the claimant’s life was also in dispute. Matthew’s client was able to express himself but could not remember the accident and was prone to bouts of anger. He was also unable to concentrate for any length of time and unable to motivate himself. It was established he would be unable to hold down a job or to manage his financial affairs and would need life-long care and assistance.

In another case Matthew negotiated a settlement of £750,000 for a 60-year-old motorcyclist who suffered a range of serious life-changing orthopaedic injuries when a vehicle failed to give way and hit him. Following arguments by Matthew, the defendant’s insurers conceded their client was culpable, that the claimant’s injuries meant that he would be unable to keep his job selling shoes and that he would require a care package.

Matthew negotiated £625,000 in damages just ahead of trial for a 41-year-old claimant who sustained neck and spinal injuries when he stumbled on a step in a pub. After prolonged arguments by Matthew, the pub’s insurers accepted the step was dangerous and conceded the settlement in full. While the client was able to return to work, it was accepted he would have to retire early and would need care in later life.

Professional membership

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. 


Acknowledged as a key lawyer in Legal 500 in 2019.