Neil is part of Thompsons Solicitors’ Personal Injury Team and has 20 years experience in all areas of civil litigation. 

Based from Thompsons’ Manchester office and covering cases nationwide, Neil supervises other team members and handles a caseload of multi-track and serious injury claims involving cross border litigation.

Neil specialises in claims for overseas workplace accidents and against tour operators and hotels as well as claims pertaining to the Montreal and Athens conventions.

Neil’s caseload involves claims for a range of injuries and conditions, including catastrophic orthopaedic injuries, brain and head injuries, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia, vestibular injuries, PTSD, infectious diseases and illnesses and chronic pain.

Handling complex cross border cases means Neil considers a range of issues – such as applicable jurisdiction and law, limitation, local standards, case management and rehabilitation –  to provide the best representation possible for clients.  

Neil enjoys working at Thompsons because the firm stands up for working people, shares his commitment to justice and has a friendly and committed workforce. 

Outside of work hours, Neil is an aviation fan who pilots small aircraft as well as also being a keen photographer, tennis player and walker.

Neil's case experience

Road traffic accident claim: Neil represented a woman who was seriously injured in a collision with a Spanish motorist while on holiday in northern Spain. The motorist’s insurer was a Spanish based entity. The insurer refused to admit liability despite the factual findings of the Spanish police, who attributed 100 per cent liability to the motorist. No offers of settlement were forthcoming from the insurer so Neil’s client exercised her right of direct against the insurer and instructed Thompsons to issue proceedings in the English/Welsh jurisdiction. The case involved a consideration of the Rome II principles with the relevant assessment of both liability and quantum being determined by reference to the Spanish legal standard. The insurer subsequently filed a defence admitting liability and promptly thereafter agreed a settlement of the claim in the sum of £45,000.

Package holiday claim: Neil’s client was in Corfu on a package holiday. He slipped on a wet floor in the bathroom of his hotel room and sustained multiple injuries. With the assistance of local standards evidence from a Greek expert, Neil contended on behalf of his client that the local standard for a hotel in Corfu was the requirement to provide a bath mat in the bathroom of each hotel room. Therefore the failure to provide one in Neil’s client’s room was a breach of the appropriate standard of care. The tour operator denied liability and proceeded to robustly defend the claim with both medical and non-medical evidence. In advance of the trial, the tour operator finally agreed to settle the claim. The agreed settlement was £75,000 plus costs, which was approved by the court.

Professional memberships

Neil is a Law Society Panel member.


Neil’s former client said: “Once again can I offer my sincere thanks for all the hard work Thompsons and especially yourself, Neil, have put into my claim”

Another of Neil’s former clients said: “I can not thank you enough Neil for your help and guidance. I do not think I would still be here if it wasn’t for you being on the end of a phone when I needed someone.”