Richard is an experienced personal injury solicitor based in Thompsons' Birmingham office.

He specialises in cases to do with accidents at work such as manual handling injuries, slips and trips at work, falls from height at work and injuries caused by dangerous machinery. Along with a colleague, he oversees the road traffic accident team in Birmingham and has extensive experience in dealing with claims arising from road accidents.

Richard helps injured people throughout the West Midlands and always strives to recover the maximum amount of compensation to which his injured clients are entitled within the shortest possible time.

Successful Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Below, you will find just a small selection of the personal injury compensation claims Richard has successfully dealt with from Thompsons Solicitors’ Birmingham office.

Fall led to paralysis and loss of job

As part of his job as a general operative, Richard’s client in this case was working inside a hopper when a large concrete block fell on his head. He did not lose consciousness immediately but noticed he could not move his legs and that he was suffering from weakness in both arms. He was taken to hospital where he was found to have partial paralysis of some of the vertebrae in his neck, back as well as his right upper arm.

Richard lodged a claim on his behalf, arguing that his employer was responsible for the accident as they had failed to provide him with safe working equipment and a safe workplace. In addition, they had not given him adequate training.

Eventually, they accepted that they were mainly responsible and Richard negotiated a settlement of £1.5 million, which included compensation for loss of earnings (the man was never able to work again) as well as ongoing care and assistance and rehabilitation.

Accident results in leg amputation

Richard's client was working on a farm at the time of the accident when a 2.5 ton counter balance fell from a forklift truck and landed on his leg, which was crushed so badly that is had to be amputated below the knee.

This case required the skill of an experienced solicitor as the compensation needed to reflect the fact that the man would need ongoing medical care and adaptations to his home for the rest of his life as well as reflecting his lost earnings. 

Richard was successful in recovering £360,000 personal injury compensation for his client who was very happy with the outcome and the service provided.

Trip over box results in injury

Richard's client was injured at work in a warehouse when he tried to collect a heavy item weighing about 55kg from the top of a stack of other objects. When he got to the item, he started moving backwards out of the area and tripped on a box which had been left in the gangway, injuring himself.

As the man's employers refused to settle the claim, Richard had to issue court proceedings. The judge decided in his favour and awarded him compensation as his employers were in breach of two separate regulations for allowing him to lift such a heavy object alone and also for allowing the gangway to become obstructed.

Multiple fractures from road traffic accident

A woman was involved in a serious accident when a car being driven in the opposite direction crossed onto her side of the road and collided with her car.

She suffered multiple fractures and dislocations in two places on her right foot, requiring specialist surgical intervention. As a result, she now suffers from a significant long term disability and may need further surgery. Her injuries mean that she will struggle to find work and has problems carrying out household duties and pursuing leisure activities.

Richard negotiated a settlement of £42,500 on her behalf.