Christalla is a Thompsons Solicitors senior serious injury solicitor, successful in securing millions of pounds in compensation for her clients.

Working out of the firm’s London office, Christalla has spent the past 6 of her 22 years’ legal experience dealing with claims for clients with the most serious injuries, resulting from accidents at work or road traffic accidents. Christalla has handled cases involving the most catastrophic or life-changing injuries, including spinal cord injuries, brain damage, limb amputations, multiple fractures, internal organ injuries, paraplegia and fatalities.

Regarded as dedicated and tenacious, Christalla will fight to prove liability and has succeeded in the most difficult, fiercely-contested and challenging cases in the High Court. Christalla’s aim is to get the maximum amount of compensation for her clients. Christalla’s success is due to years of experience in knowing the right questions to ask in gathering evidence and the right information to seek, whether from employers or the police or other witnesses.

With compassion and care, Christalla supports her clients and their families from the word go by ensuring the best medical experts are consulted to assess clients’ long-term needs. Christalla will obtain interim payments to help with the cost of care and treatment, or to assist with family visits.

A seasoned negotiator, Christalla will ensure her clients receive the specialist medical treatment and care that they need, whether it’s rehabilitation, therapy, aids or adaptations to their homes to help with mobility. Christalla will help with referrals to agencies and organisations to help them improve their lives.

Christalla is driven by Thompsons ethos of only working for the injured party to gain the maximum compensation to help clients to rebuild their lives.

In her spare time, Christalla likes to go to the theatre, and enjoys running, baking and yoga.


Mrs S, a young woman with a child, was left in a permanent vegetative state when she was knocked down by a car. There were no eye witnesses and the driver denied liability. Her husband asked Christalla to act for them. It was a difficult case to prove, but Christalla fought hard, winning the case through sheer determination, expertise, getting the right evidence from the police and knowing the right experts to get. Christalla secured an interim payment to move Mrs S to a much better nursing home and to pay for her family to visit her from abroad. Following a three-day trial and subsequent negotiations, Christalla secured more than £1 million in settlement.

Mr. L was riding his motorbike late at night when a car spun out of control in front of him and landed across two lanes. Mr. L collided with the car and suffered serious serious and complex injuries including a head injury, severe pelvic fractures, ruptured bladder and a leg injury that immobilised him. Christalla took his case, established liability, secured an interim payment, got him into a specialist rehabilitation centre and secured final compensation of £1,450,000.

Mrs T, a 76-year-old woman was knocked down by a car when it mounted the pavement. She suffered a broken neck, fractures to her spine, ribs, pelvis and right ankle as well as damage to her liver, kidney and spleen. Mrs T needed a tracheotomy, leading to a narrowing of the windpipe and reconstructive surgery more than a year after the accident. The operation meant she was fed through a tube for a year. Christalla took on the case and settled the claim for £180,000 plus the cost of private surgery to save the client waiting for NHS treatment.

Mr N, a lift engineer, suffered a fatal electric shock while at work. Christalla acted for his widow Christalla and secured £300,000 in compensation for her client and represented the widow during the Coroner’s inquest.

Mr P, a 55-year old cyclist, was hit by a car and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He was admitted to intensive care for seven days following a craniotomy and lobectomy, and developed epilepsy as a result of his injuries, as well suffering from a loss of sense of smell and taste. Christalla secured £165,000 in compensation for him.

Mr F was hit by a car suffering brain damage which left him in a coma for several days. He was no longer able to continue with his employment. Christalla took on his case and arranged for early specialist rehabilitation to assist in supporting his treatment. Christalla secured a six figure sum to compensate Mr F for his injuries and the fact that he could no longer work.


Mr C, one of Christalla’s clients, said: “(Christalla) Advised and represented me very well throughout the claim process and always made sure I was well informed. I am forever grateful to Christalla for helping me with difficult decisions and advising on what was best for me. I am glad with the choice of choosing Thompsons Solicitors to represent my claim, as I would not have found a better solicitor than Christalla. She is an excellent solicitor as well as a wonderful person. I hope the best for her, as she has done for me. Thank you again for all your hard work and support."'

Legal 500: "Christalla Christodoulidou is a capable and empathetic lawyer. She is easy to deal with and very reliable."