Helen is a highly experienced senior serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons’ Solicitors Leeds office, supervising the national minor head injuries team and the Yorkshire and Humberside serious injury team.

Helen specialises in high value and complex cases involving brain injury, spinal injury, multiple fractures, serious burns and amputations that are life-changing and catastrophic. 

With 16 years’ experience, Helen understands the importance of rehabilitation and therapy to help her clients rebuild their lives after serious injury trauma. Helen will ensure that her clients are provided with therapeutic support, appropriate adaptations, equipment and prosthetics, funded by interim payments. 

Helen’s focus is on getting the right individually tailored care and rehabilitation package and to create a meaningful plan for her clients’ long-term needs. With access to the best medical advice and evidence, Helen’s clients know that they are in good hands.

Helen is sensitive and empathetic, working for both adults and children, seriously injured through accidents at work or on the road.  With a reputation as a determined litigator who wants justice for her clients, who pursues cases to gain the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time, Helen has secured millions of pounds for her clients. 

In addition to dealing with the most serious injury cases, Helen supervises one of the two dedicated national minor head injury teams. The team handles upwards of 500 cases at a given time. Many of the head and brain injury cases handled by the team result in long-term damage, so Helen knows that specialist medical assessment is vital. What may seem to be a straightforward knock on the head from a falling door-closing mechanism, for example, may result in a client suffering from long-term cognitive, mental or emotional problems. 

Helen shares Thompsons’ ethos and has only ever acted for those who are injured, rather than those who have been responsible for the injuries. She is proud to work for a firm that will fight those challenging cases and issues that other solicitors’ firms won’t.

Helen likes to play and watch cricket and enjoys hill walking in her spare time.

Helen’s case experience

Thomas, a carer, was run over in a road traffic accident and suffered a life-changing serious brain injury. A complicated case, Helen nevertheless took it on, securing payments for medical treatment and an eventual settlement of £1.1m. 

Helen acted for an education worker who, following an accident at work, sustained long-term injuries that meant she could no longer work, recovering substantial compensation.

A client had to have his arm amputated as a result of an accident at work. Helen took on the case and secured a six-figure sum in damages.

Helen gained a six-figure award a refuse collector who could no longer work after having had his leg amputated, following extensive injuries from an accident at work. 

Professional membership

Helen is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the brain injury charity Headway.


Mr T, a former Thompsons serious injury client, said:

“Many thanks Helen.  Thank you for all the help and support you gave to me throughout  It’s something me and my family will never forget.”

Marion, a former Thompsons serious injury client, said:

“Thank you for all your support yesterday and for the last four and a half years. I know I said yesterday, but you’ve made a very difficult time of my life a lot easier. I remember back at the start of all this, I had no idea who to turn to and I spoke to a few solicitors.  As soon as I spoke to you my gut instinct was you were the right person. I’m so glad I did. I know I don’t know the half of what you’ve done behind the scenes but I really appreciate everything.  I’ve woke up this morning feeling a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it’s over. I’m still struggling to comprehend the money, but that’s going to take time. I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitor and a better person to have on my side.”