At Thompsons Solicitors we're committed to providing you with personalised and effective legal representation as you navigate through your personal injury claim. Your trust in us is something we deeply value, and our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is as smooth and supportive as possible.


Stay Connected With Your Fee Earner

If you need to discuss details of your case, share updates, or have any concerns, your Fee Earner is your primary point of contact. They are well-acquainted with the intricacies of your case and are best suited to offer you the tailored advice and support you need.

Please reach out to your Fee Earner directly using the contact details provided in our previous correspondences. Our team is keen on delivering prompt responses and actionable guidance to assist you at every turn.

You may find the contact details you are looking for on our people page. 



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Client Hub

If you are registered for our online Client Hub, you can log in to check the current status of your case.

You will have received your link to register for the Client Hub at the start of the claims process.

Log in to the Client Hub and check the status of your case here: