Michal was working on a printing machine when an accident at work resulted in terrible injuries and the loss of three fingers. The machine which Michal was working on had defective guarding, having the devastating effect of pulling his hand between two feed rollers.

The compensation has helped Michal move on with his life enabling him to obtain two revolutionary prosthetic fingers made by Touch Bionics. His third finger has been replaced by his toe.

Michal tells his story:

“After the accident I felt so low, as I had so much taken away from me. I couldn’t work or carry out normal every day tasks such as picking up a glass.

…Thompsons Solicitors were superb, offering support and guidance and ultimately securing me a financial settlement that meant I could explore top-end technology.

The solutions offered by Touch Bionics are incredible. I was truly overwhelmed the first time I heard about the i-limb digits and to now have two new bionic fingers, that actually respond and move, is amazing.

My advice to anyone who finds themselves faced with the same tragic situation that I have experienced is to never give up. I have learnt that there are so many people and organisations out there to support you, that you will be able to find a solution.”