Concerns have been raised following claims that a defective lens used by high street clinic, Optical Express, led to blurred vision and loss of sight in patients.

A number of surgeons working with Optical Express testified that patients had reported poor vision following a procedure which involved replacing the natural lens of the eye with the Mplus X lens. One surgeon ended up filing a report with the regulatory authority after he raised concerns about the lens with his employer and his feedback was ignored.

The Mplus X lens is designed to offer patients improved vision, however this particular model has triggered complaints from patients in Australia as well as the UK. Some patients have claimed that their vision has deteriorated to the extent where they can no longer see beyond the length of their arm.

Around 120,000 people undergo corrective eye surgery every year, either through replacement of natural lenses through surgery or by laser.

An inquiry has now been launched after NHS Moorfields Eye Hospital flagged patient complaints to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the organisation responsible for regulating medicines and medical devices.

Linda Millband, joint head of the clinical negligence team at Thompsons Solicitors, said: "Undergoing corrective eye surgery can radically improve an individual’s eyesight and have a really positive impact on their life. However, there are risks and it appears that a high street clinic may have compromised the health and wellbeing of its patients by using a defective product, despite concerns being raised by one of its own surgeons.

"This negligence could result in damaging, life-changing consequences for patients. A robust and urgent inquiry into the use of Mplus X lens is needed to provide answers for any patients who underwent surgery involving this product.

"It is vital that anyone who has received the Mplus X lens and has been left with poor vision seeks medical advice, but understanding where you stand legally can also be vitally important for patients affected by clinical negligence. We’re here to support anyone who thinks they may have been affected by Mplus X lenses."