A woman has spoken out about her treatment by disgraced gynaecologist, Rob Jones, as other doctors face a professional misconduct hearing for failing to take complaints about him seriously.

Recently it has been revealed that the former doctor performed an emergency caesarean on Samantha Cameron when she went into early labour in August 2010.

The client of Thompsons Solicitors from Cornwall who wishes to remain anonymous, is now speaking out about her legal case against the doctor.

The woman, now 52, damaged her pelvic muscles following the birth of her three children, causing stress incontinence. In October 2006, she was referred to Rob Jones for an operation to correct the problem.

The common procedure for incontinence – known as a tension free vaginal tape operation or TVT – was scheduled.

Immediately after the operation, the woman found blood in her urine and continued to suffer from incontinence. In November, the now disgraced doctor explained to his patient that he had accidentally cut her bladder whilst attempting to insert the tape.

She contacted medical negligence experts Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim on her behalf. They successfully secured £5,000 in damages for the error.

The ex-patient said: “I’m so angry with that man. My problem is inconvenient and unpleasant, so how must other women feel, who have been severely injured by his negligence? How he was allowed to practice for 20 years I cannot imagine.

“I may need another operation in the future if things get worse. I’m grateful to Thompsons who supported me all the way, and secured me money which will go towards further treatment if needed.”

Madeleine Pinschof, a medical negligence specialist at Thompsons Solicitors said: “It’s clear that Mr. Jones was repeatedly negligent and posed serious harm to my client and, potentially, to many others.

“We are investigating several more negligence cases against Mr. Jones. It is distressing to see that his misconduct was not taken seriously by NHS management despite being flagged by staff time and again. We hope that the medical hearing now comes to the right conclusion and that incidents like this are not repeated.”