Linda Millband is the National Practice Lead of the Medical Negligence team at Thompsons Solicitors. Linda has over 20 years’ experience as a medical negligence solicitor and is one of the inaugural 100 solicitors included in the medical negligence Law Society.


Why did you embark on a career in law?

“While studying law at university, there was a landmark case that really moved me. I was fascinated by the law around it, the personal story behind it, and made my mind up there and then that I would specialise in personal injury law. I was very proud when I became one of the inaugural 100 solicitors appointed to the Law Society personal injury panel.”


What route did you take into medical negligence law?

“After spending some time working on a variety of cases in personal injury law, I was asked to act for a claimant in a serious medical negligence matter. I found the combination of demanding law and dealing with people and their families whose lives had been massively changed both fascinating and highly rewarding.

“It was something I felt I could really sink my teeth into! From the late 1990s onwards, I specialised in medical negligence, asbestos and serious injury, before being appointed to my current role in 2012.

“Working across a variety of different specialisms of law provided me with important skills that have contributed to my expertise in handling medical negligence cases, which are often very sensitive with life-changing injuries or fatalities.”


Why do you enjoy working in medical negligence law?

Medical negligence claims can be stressful and traumatic for the injured and their families. Being able to ensure that my clients know what is going on at every stage and have the appropriate financial and rehabilitative support, throughout their claim and into the future, is so incredibly and professionally rewarding.”


How does Thompsons differ in its care for medical negligence clients from other legal firms?

“Clients may not realise the difference it makes when a law firm wears its heart on its sleeve, acting only for claimants and never for insurers. As a lawyer, this frees you up and ensures you are totally client-focused. Time and again I have seen solicitors at Thompsons put the needs of individuals above that of the firm, and that’s how it should be.

“We actively encourage the best possible result for our clients, even if it’s not the best financial option for Thompsons, which sadly isn’t always the case with other law firms.”


What is your favourite aspect of the job?

“It’s difficult to pin down one thing, but having the ability to bring some sense of justice to those who have been wronged and to secure compensation that makes a major difference to their lives, must be pretty high on my list.”