Tell us something about you

My specialism is medical negligence, but I have experience in personal injury law and mental health law. On a personal note, I love to travel the world and experience different cultures. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, visiting the theatre, trying out new foods and going to kickboxing classes.


What inspired you to go into law?

My auntie is a solicitor and owns a law firm, and having spent a lot of time there growing up, her work had a huge impact on me. Observing how she obtained justice for her clients really resonated and inspired me to enter the Law.

Taiena Saunders, litigation assistant
Taiena Saunders, litigation assistant

I studied law at A-Level and found it fascinating. During that time, I also took part in a ‘mooting’ competition, which involved a mock trial arguing points of law in front of an acting judge. Not only was this really insightful, but our team took home the trophy!

I knew early on this was something that I could do as a career, and I was driven by the idea of using the law as a way to change lives for the better. I decided to study law at university and was awarded with a paid work placement, which was the beginning of my career. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it is consistently challenging but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


Why did you join Thompsons?

I was initially attracted to Thompsons’ reputation in clinical negligence along with its strategic importance in the London area and the value it places on providing training opportunities to help graduates secure a foot on the career ladder by providing training opportunities.

I wanted to ensure that my experience extended beyond clinical negligence to wider personal injury law, and Thompsons offered me that opportunity.

But what really attracted me was the ethos of the firm. Standing up solely for the injured or mistreated and makes Thompsons stand out within the legal sector and was a key factor behind why I wanted to join

Thompsons echoes my own belief in championing social justice and protecting and supporting the rights of everyone. I knew it would be the right fit for me. I have been at Thompsons for nearly a year and can say the support it provides to clients is also extended to staff, which has helped me settle into my new role.


How have you found lockdown and working from home?

I began working for Thompsons during lockdown, so I wasn’t able meet colleagues and clients in person. Everything was done virtually. Starting at a new firm and adapting to a new system and ways of working is challenging enough for anyone in a new role, but was exceptionally difficult remotely.

Fortunately, I have had great support from my Thompsons’ colleagues from the start and that, along with IT training and a solid home working structure, made what could have been a very stressful time a success. My productivity levels remain high and I believe I have been able to achieve as much working from home as I would in the office.

Tell us something surprising about you that most people don’t know?

I am the director of a family-owned childcare nursery, overseeing a few branches within the London area. My mother has always wanted to provide high-quality childcare and I am delighted to have been part of a team to help her realise her ambition.