A man from Doncaster has become the first patient to receive a double hand transplant in the UK, following a successful operation at Leeds General Infirmary.

57-year-old Chris King, who received two new donor hands in a 12-hour operation at the UK’s centre for hand transplants, lost all fingers and most of his hands in an accident at work with a metal pressing machine in 2013.

Despite the transplant happening just a few days ago, Mr King says he already has some movement in his new hands.

Leeds General Infirmary is aiming to perform between two and four hand transplant operations a year as part of a new programme launched by the NHS in April, and already has a waiting list of four people.

According to the NHS, approximately 6,000 major limb operations take place every year in England but hand replacements are extremely rare.

Kam Singh, accident at work solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “The loss of a limb can be a traumatic and devastating experience for victims, so it’s wonderful to hear that Mr King’s operation has been a success after such a traumatic accident at work.

“In recent years we’ve seen different technological advancements in the form of bionic limbs been developed to help victims of limb loss improve their day-to-day lives, but as much as these advancements can have a positive impact nothing quite compares to a human limb.

“We hope that this pioneering double transplant will have a positive long-term impact on Mr King’s life and be the first of many to come for those who have seriously injured their hands.”