A guide book outlining essential rules of the road for cyclists has been published by motoring organisation, the AA.

The book, which is the first of its kind for cyclists, outlines sections of the Highway Code that specifically relate to cyclists and also includes information on purchasing and maintaining a bike.

Although the AA had already planned to release the book it’s publication follows a statement made by road safety minister, Andrew Jones, in which he told MPs that the government had no plans to create a “cycling specific excerpt of the Highway Code”.

The cyclist specific Highway Code has been welcomed by Chris Boardman, policy adviser to British Cycling and former Olympic gold medallist.

In a survey of AA members, 21 percent said that they ride a bicycle and a tenth of respondents said they cycle between one and five miles per week.

According to the Department for Transport, cyclists are 17 times more likely to be killed on the road than people travelling in cars.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable road users and anything that might lead to safer cycling is something that we welcome.

“However, with a growing number of cyclists on the road, the government should not be sitting back and relying on organisations such as the AA to educate cyclists and road users about road safety.

“There is a disproportionately high number of cyclist deaths and serious injuries on our roads and - as we made clear in our response to the government white paper on the draft cycling and walking investment strategy consultation - the government must do more to ensure that the safety of cyclists is a genuine priority, by introducing more cycling lanes, lowering speed limits in cyclist black spots and crucially investing in road infrastructure UK wide.”