Cyclists’ safety is a subject area that is very important to Thompsons Solicitors because every year it represents thousands of people who have been injured on the roads, and a number of its employees are also keen cyclists themselves.

Manchester-based employment rights solicitor, Jamie Humphries, has recently competed in the Stocksbridge Cycling Club’s hill climb and the Monsal Hill Climb in the Peak District, one of the most popular races in the UK.

“Cycling has long been a hobby of mine; I joined a cycling club in 2013 and became the club secretary in 2014. I enjoy testing myself with challenges and races,” said Jamie.

“The Monsal Hill Climb is definitely one of the most competitive events I’ve done attracting cyclists from all over the county so I was really happy to finish 14th out of 42 in the veteran’s category.

“Every race takes a huge amount of preparation, from making sure you know the route you’re about to cycle, to ensuring you have the correct safety equipment in case you take a tumble. Whether I’m cycling in an organised race or out on the roads, I never take for granted the importance of safety because I know how easily accidents can happen.”

In 2014, more than 21,000 cyclists were injured in road traffic accidents, of which 3,514 resulted in serious injury or fatality. Since January 2016, seven cyclists have been killed on roads in London alone.

Jamie continued: “It is so important for cyclists to prepare for any journey on the road in the same way they would do for a race - you need to plan in advance. This is all the more apparent at the moment because when the clocks go back to Greenwich Mean Time next week, daylight hours will be shorter and road conditions can be adversely affected by winter weather, which increases the chance of an accident.

“With that in mind, cyclists should always have reflective, bright clothing and make sure their bike is fitted with bright lights to the front and rear so that they’re seen by drivers.

“It’s also important to remember that as a driver you may know your local roads like the back of your hand, but taking to them on a bike is an entirely different experience. The rules of road and lane discipline still apply to cyclists, but it's worth being familiar with the sections of the Highway Code that only apply to cyclists.

“Britain’s roads can be dangerous and unfortunately accidents do happen, but following basic rules can help cyclists best protect themselves.”

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