Road accidents can have a serious, and often life-changing, effect on the lives of those involved.

Tens of thousands of people are affected by road accidents each year and, while some are unavoidable, many can be prevented. In just one year, more than 160,000 people were injured in road traffic accidents, of which more than 25,000 were killed or seriously injured.

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An infographic about road accidents based on vehicle types.

Stay Road Safe

The statistics of the accidents by vehicle type in 2018, are shocking, but not unique. At Thompsons, we want to make sure all road users – whether that be drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians – get to their destination safely without being injured. That’s why we have created our #StayRoadSafe campaign – a campaign to promote the importance of road safety and to remind everyone of the rules of the road.

As part of our #StayRoadSafe campaign, we have developed a number of resources to help road users to stay safe and to reduce the number of road traffic accidents each year. Visit our #StayRoadSafe page to learn more about our campaign, and to discover our safety guides and tips for how to stay safe on the roads.

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Support available if you have a road traffic accident

If you’ve been injured on the roads, our road accident experts can help you to access support from specialist groups and services, and make a compensation claim. Our team has supported thousands of people and families who have suffered as a result of road traffic accidents. We can also help you throughout your rehabilitation process by putting you in contact with charities such as RoadPeace, Headway and the Spinal Injuries Association, to aid your recovery.

We are 100 per cent committed to supporting those who have been injured in a road accident - we never work for motor insurance companies. If you have been injured on the roads and it wasn’t your fault, call us on 0800 0 224 224 for free, no obligation, legal advice about making a claim. Alternatively, visit our road traffic accident claims page.